I want to be known by someone

by - 6:17 AM

Sometimes, I feel like I am an attention seeker. I want the attention but I don't show it out.
Then how am I going to get the attention?

 I don't really tell my friend that I own a blog or Youtube channel.
 I don't share it out in my social media platform, where all my friends are because I am scared of judgement.

When I just started blogging, I don't think that someone will read my posts. 
I blog, just for memories and also to share my thoughts. 

Day by day, I can see that my blog is growing slowly. 
It is not very noticeable, but I definitely can see the difference between my first blog post and my post now. There's a significant grow of views in my posts. 

I shared the news with my sister. She congratulated me on the great achievement.
The first thing I thought was "Is that really an achievement that I should be proud of?"

What she told me later is that I should be grateful for what I get. 
This has awaken me that my posts are from nothing, a one digit views to 2-3 digits of views.

Even though, I am not a popular or well known blogger, I still did gain some viewers.
I should be thankful.

It's really amazing looking at the views increasing day by day.
I didn't expect anything, but I just enjoy writing,
 especially when you have no one to talk to.

 Everyone has their own busy schedule.
So I can't expect them to be by my side all the time.

I am really grateful that my blog has been growing. But that is not where I am going to stop.

I am going to blog until I can't blog anymore.
Until I am fed up of blogging.

One of my life goals is to be known by more people.
I didn't think of being a popular blogger before, but now I have the thought.

I want my picture to pop out in Google image when someone typed my name in the search box.
I know it is kind of funny to have that kind of thoughts. But...
That's where I am going to achieve right now.  

I am not a confident person because I always think that I am imperfect.
There is always space for me to improve. 
But I believe that everyone is imperfect in their way.
That is why I am still blogging.

Don't ever give up even when you can't see the future in it.
Because one day, you will regret for not getting what you want without trying it.


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