I am proud of myself.

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*posting an old post, which I have written last semester
Not sure why I drafted it for so long xP *

I am proud of myself. 


Because I am no longer using my parents money. 
Erm, I should say I am big enough to earn my own pocket money, instead of asking them
 from my parents :D 

I feel like I have grown up just in one night. 
When my mom started not to give me pocket money. 
But I still use their money for educations and living la. 

I still remember that the first part time job that I got is when I was 15 years old, form 3. 
My friend asked me whether I can help him, to work for 2 days at a cafe. 
And that's my very first experience working :) 

That time, it is illegal to work when you haven't reached 17 or 18 years old. 
So, the owner of the cafe asked me to disguise as her niece XD.
It's a great experience, even though I just worked for 2 days, and I got my very first pay, 
which is not from my parents. 

My second job was being a promoter in a clothes store, BEGA. It's actually a Singapore based clothing store. That time, I was 17 years old, form 4, and I worked during my school break. I worked for 2 months until Christmas, and I got like almost a thousand of salary for that 2 months.
I was so happy when I got my pay, and I treated my family a dinner using my  own money. 

It was my first time treating my whole family using my HARD EARN money :D
I feel so satisfied, and like I have grown up so much ^.^
And all the hard works are paid off, when my family were enjoying the meal, and I got to buy things that I want too. But instead of using all my money, I saved 60% of them :)

That's the kind of accomplishment that one cannot imagine, 
if they have not earn their money before. 

One thing that let us know why we should earn money ourselves. 

In western country, the parents make their children to go outsite and live on their own, without helping anything (maybe at the begining their parents helped them a little). But later, they have to make their own living themselves. They're more independent than the Asians.
And I somehow like their way of culture.

But my salary can only afford my own pocket money. If I am going for an exchange in Australia next semester, I might not have sufficient money to feed myself. Especially when the currency in Australia is triple of Malaysia :O How am I going to afford myself?

So yea, but now, I didn't really take money from my parents, except the cost of living and transport (aka petrol). The others like meals, snacks, stationary, and clothes, I bought it with my money :)

Sharing an interesting video with you guys. About how much we actually spent in a day :)

(It's in Mandarin, so if you can't understand Mandarin, sorry)
And enjoy ~ 


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