Cheryl in Melbourne #19 and #20

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Cheryl in Melbourne #19 | vlog | Dinner at friend's house 

In this video:
Jog in my neighborhood
 First trying microwaved food
Dinner at friend's house 

Cheryl in Melbourne #20 | vlog | Grocery Hauls 

In this video:
PappaRich in Clayton Monash
Campos in Monash
W 2 worlds 
Shopping in Chadstone 
Grocery Hauls !

Today I am going to share what we have bought for grocery. We didn't realize that we bought so much, until we film this video. The grocery vlog was actually 15min+ before I edit and cut it, without adding other parts of the day that I have filmed. The video is so long, that I have to fast forward it to make it shorter. It took me some time to shorten the video as short as possible, but still, the total vlog is 17min+.

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time


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