Why is it not a good idea to stay with friends

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It is fun to sleep over night at friend's house for 1-2 days.
But it is a totally different story when you are going to stay with your friend for a period of time.

Staying with friends is always not an easy thing.
Even when you stay with your siblings, there is always conflicts.
I remember what T told me when she knew that I am going to stay with my friends.
She told me that it is time to test how strong and true my friendship with my friend.  

Friends are not like your family and I don't know why we always have unlimited tolerance with our family. But not with our friends.

We don't really get angry with our family, no matter how bad they treated us. But friends, different story then. We might get angry at each other for longer time. And sometimes, when things got more serious, there can be broken relationship. For family, there is no schism.

So, let me tell you what are the problems I faced with my friends staying with them. 

1. Food and taste preference

I consider myself as eating quite healthy.
It is hard when you have different taste with your friend.
You have to take your portion first, so that they can add more salt in the food.

Things you don't like to eat, they love it. While things that you love, they don't give any interest.
I am a chocolate lover, while my housemate is a vanilla lover. How can both of us be best friend? 
I thought vanilla and chocolates are enemy and they don't get along well?

Life is harder when it comes to food.

2. Living style

The living style is also one of the problem staying with friends. 
Every family has their own way of living, and it is impossible that everyone is living that same particular way. Like Mathematics, there is always tons of ways to solve the problem 
(tons of ways to live).

So, in my house, we don't have the habit to wipe our plates and then keep them in the cabinet.
 I normally leave the plates on the rack and leave them dry overnight.
However, my friend have the habit of wiping them clean, and it seems like we have to do that over here, to put our plates in the cupboard.

It is quite hard for me to have this habit, because I don't do it at home, and even after I am here for like 2 months, I still sometimes forgot to keep them in the cabinet.

3. You will get "sien" of that person

Seeing someone too often is kind of  "sien". Which mean you will get bored of seeing their faces.
 We literally do everything together. 

We have our meal together, we go to school together, we  do our grocery together, and
 yea we almost do everything together. Luckily we don't sleep together xD

 I think I am a person, who doesn't like an ordinary life, but am living it. 

4. Bad habits

You will get to see all their bad habits. By the time you lived with your friends for more than 2 months, all their bad habits will all come our automatically. 

Living with friends, you will get to know like how often they take their bath, what they always do and eat, how often they wash their clothes and stuff like that.
 Of course, they will also get to see all my bad habits.

How we solve the problems and what really make our friendship stronger is that we accept each other as a person who we are. We talked to each other and solve the problems. Instead of letting the discomfort or leaving the problems there, we talk to each other and try to solve them.

I might not be the best housemate or friend, but thanks for accepting the way I am  :)

My mom was so worried that I might fight with my housemate, as I am quite a stubborn person. But mom, don't worry, I am totally fine here. I will try to control my temper and get aong with them.


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