Cheryl in Melbourne #17 and #18

by - 6:23 PM

Cheryl in Melbourne #17 | vlog | ft Shi Kei | Haters ?

As you guys know, Shi Kei is my housemate, and she is always the one, who helps me to take videos and photos for my blog. Therefore, I also helped her to take her video intro when she requested. Do subscribe to her to see her daily vlog ! (

Also, I received a comment from a very rude guy, asking me to go back China. And I was like, hey dude, I am not from China, I am MALAYSIAN ! I think it's a he and he is very ignorant, who thinks that every Chinese people, or those who can speak Mandarin, are from China. Hello, at least I am better than you, I am bilingual :P.

Cheryl in Melbourne #18 | vlog | Cheryl's fried rice recipe

In this video, I am going to show my secret recipe of cooking a plate of fried rice. Hahaha Oh well, basically I just dumped all the ingredients that I can find in my fridge. 

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time :)


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