Cheryl in Melbourne #13 and #14

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Cheryl in Melbourne #13 | vlog | Falling asleep in the bus

In this video, I talked about being a finance student, you will get a lot of different finance calculators. I have been changing calculators almost every year because of different finance unit requirement. Luckily, the calculators are not that expensive and we can resell it when we don't need it or we got free from school :). 

And then I also talked about me fall asleep in the bus. I was so tired and the road trip to the post office is so far. I don't know why did I follow them there as I actually can go back home myself. Oh well, I admit that I am a VERY big light bulb. 

Cheryl in Melbourne #14 | vlog | Buying groceries at Coles

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys next time :)


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