August Favorites 2016

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Hey there ! So fast, it's September now, which mean that 2/3 of 2016 has passed ! :O

Like WHAT !? 2017 is coming soon ? 

Before 2017 comes, I still have 4 more months of favorite posts to share. 
Let see what were my favorites last month :)

1. Makeup

Before makeup, my super dull skin >.<

Half face of Missha Magic cushion. 
Guess which side of my face has applied the bb cushion :)

It's pretty obvious that left side of my face is brighter and my dark circle is less obvious.

My full makeup, without using concealer, but only Missha Magic Cushion x Line Edition. Shade 23!

So my current favorite bb cushion goes to this ! It's my first bb cushion and before that, I was using a normal bb cream, that will make my hands all messy. I don't usually use brush or sponge when I apply bb cream on my face because I feel that it's easier to apply them using my hand as a blending tool.

What I really like about this bb cushion is that it is very handy and can be blended easily. It works perfectly well with my Innisfree no sebum blur primer, giving me a brighter and even skin tone. The shade that I bought is shade 23, and it has medium coverage that can cover my pimple scar. I sometimes didn't put concealer because it gives me a natural coverage on my dark circles too.

So I really enjoy using this product <3 

2. Music

Eric's album

I can't stop playing it again and again ! 

Korean OST ! 

I always love Korean OST! They're always so nice. So, I have been watching uncontrollably fond for the past few days, and it is soo nice ! 

The other ost that I recommend for the drama are "Do you know- Kim Woo Bin" , and

3. Book

Me Before You.

Finally finish reading the book <3 It is soo nice that I can't even stop reading it.

I finished the last few chapters, without stopping myself.
I am not sure whether I am heartless, or cold blooded, unfortunately, I didn't cry for this book.

Will is a very determined, smart and attractive guy, that even I am falling for him.
I don't know why, part of me are feeling happy for Will, because he got to decide to do the last thing that he wanted to do for his life. Of course, I am sad that he chose the not the best choice after all, but after knowing the reason behind his choice, I kind of understand him.

After the accident, he is no longer able to decide to do anything that he wants. He has to follow what people prepared for him, he has to rely on people on everything. He is no longer the Will that he himself recognize. The pain that he suffered, I don't think I can bear with it.

Overall, it is a good book.
It let me think a lot, and more grateful about I still can live the life that I want.

4. drama

Image result for w 2 world

W 2 Worlds

I believe that a lot of people who love korean drama, surely know about this drama.
The story line is so new and it is hard for us to predict what will happen next.
I really like how Korean drama always make me feel.

So why is the drama called W? Because it stands for world. 
The main actor (Kang Chul) and actress (Yeon Joo) are from different world; Chul is from the world of comic and Joo is from the real world. Joo's father is an author of the comic, W. One day, Joo accidentally got pulled into the comic and there is when both of them met. Things started to go wrong, and both of them are trying to make things right, but they fell in love.

Will Chul sacrifice himself to leave the comic world and stay with Joo or will Joo sacrifice or both of them are not meant to be together? We will see then :)

Image result for uncontrollably fond

Uncontrollably Fond

Joon Young and No Eu were couple back in high school. But due to an ill fated relationship, they separated. They met each other later on when Joon Young found out that he has brain cancer. 

Things didn't go easier even when they are back together again. It is a sad and emotional drama, that made my heart broke. There is also some scene that is very funny and sweet, mixing all kind of feeling. And that's why I love this drama :)

So, that's all for my August Favorites, thanks for reading :)


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