July's Favourites 2016

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August is going to end and now only I am sharing my July's favourite.
Supposingly it's time for me to share August's one, but I didn't want to miss a month's favourite, by combining July and August favourite together. Despite I am still loving my July's favourites.

So, this is going to be a short post and let's get started :)

1. Camera

Sony HX90V, my vlog buddy.

I have been vloging consistently for the longest time. 
Back in Malaysia, I do make videos, but they're short one with different topics.
I am currently doing like a series daily vlog to record my life and also to update my family.

This camera is so handy and easy to use that I didn't regret buying it. Even though I wanted to buy the Canon G7X at first. 

2. Music

Jarryd James - 1000x 

Recommended by my sister and it's so nice. Kind of brain washing though. 

In another lifetime, I would never change my mind
I would do it again, a thousand times.

The lyric is so beautiful, but it's kind of unrealistic because nothing can last forever.
How do you know that in another lifetime, you will still love the same person?

Eric周興哲  -  你,好不好?

This song is love <3 

3. Clothes

Unicorn onsie, my life saver in Melbourne.

 I can't imagine sleeps without it.
It's so soft and comfy that it keeps me warm through all the nights. 

4. Candles

Yankee Candle

prevent my room from getting weird smell. Living in winter country, I can't open my window as often  as I like because of the cold weather. With the help of the candle, my room is always filled with the scent of snowflake cookie (currently using that flavour). <3

So, that's all for my July's favourites and stay tuned for me next month's favourites ;)

Thanks for reading !


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