Cheryl in Melbourne #5 and #6

by - 10:50 PM

I have came to a point that I decided to post 2 videos a week. 
And I will be posting videos on every Tuesday and Saturday on my Youtube channel
People might think that why I only post 2 videos a week, since it's a daily vlog. 

What I can is that I am sure people might not want to watch the same thing in every video, like what I have eaten in a day, or me going to school attending classes or even me doing house core.

So, I have saved up some of the videos and I will slowly post them on my channel. I want a consistent update, and not like this months got a lot of videos, and next month has only 1-2 videos. 

Therefore, this is why I am posting July's vlog on August :)

Cheryl in Melbourne #5

Cheryl in Melbourne #6

As usual, I hope you guys enjoy watching and I will see you guys next time :)


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