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Hi bunnies ~ 

I'm now at Australia and I've been here for a few days. Friends and I arrived Melbourne airport on 7th of July and we just settled all our stuff here. In the past few days, I've been overwhelmed with a lot of things, like doing house core, going to IKEA, doing grocery shopping, finding our way there, meeting friends, make our own food and more!

The weather here is sooo cold. Even our rooms are cold because the heater is not the build-in kind. So we have to wear long pants and long sleeves when we are in the house. Fortunately the heater works well in our rooms. And also, we make it as near as possible, so that we feel warmer.

I have never been to winter country before. Maybe I did, which is Taiwan. But the weather there is still bearable, even in Winter time. I think it's because Taiwan is not that windy as in Melbourne here, plus I am not staying in city center. Clayton is like a small town. You can hardly see the places crowded, except like school or maybe shopping malls. So, due to the low population here, the weather is relatively colder. It can be a good thing because we do not need air conditioner, but heater. At the same time, when it comes to drying our clothes, we are not sure whether it's dry or wet, because our clothes is always cold.

I am not sure about missing my families, or my friends. Maybe I will, but not now.
My friend has been missing her family so much that she Facetime her families everyday ! For me, just whatsapp and or Skype once a week.

If you want me to say what I missed the most in Malaysia, I think it would be my sister. Because we are always together, we are like twins, even though we are not. I miss her the most when sleep time because I am used to her sleeping beside me.  (Luckily I brought teddy with me :)

Next would be the my bed and room ! Because the bed here is not comfortable at all ! Like seriously, I can feel the spring of my bed and worry about the spiders going over my face when I am sleeping, etc. My room is pretty awesome, very spacious and I literally do everything in my room, but I am not used to sleeping alone, so I always sleep under the light on.

 Missing driving my car whenever I sit public transport. Cause it's so inconvenient when we want to go somewhere, especially when we bought a lot of things. With a car, we won't have to struggle in the strong wind, or hold our things like our hands are going to break.  But thankfully that we can sit public transport to most of the places.

Then maybe my mother :) See I miss you a little bit mom xD
Cause she's the one who always do the grocery shopping. And she always ask us to follow her to the market to buy groceries. My sister and I always have tons and tons of reasons to reject her. And she always said that we won't know how hard it is to carry all the stuff back alone. o.o
*Sorry mom, I will help you next time when I am back (if I am free and I still rmb xP)*

Okay lastly, I should mention my dad ! Who supported my whole education and my life here. I shouldn't forget to mention him right? Even though I know he won't be mad if I didn't mention anything about him xD Thanks for everything that you have done to me and I am really thankful and blessed that I got to go oversea studies for like 5 months+. Don't worry dad, I will repay you when I have the ability to do so :)

Maybe I should mention about my grandmas. They are so worried about me to stay alone in other country, especially when it's so far from Malaysia. One of them even mostly cried out when she sent me off at the airport. Even thought the other one didn't send me off, but she called me the following day to check on me whether I am good here :D

I am really blessed with a lot of people around me <3

Omg sound like an appreciation post again xD

Oh yea. not to forget my beloved friends ! Suen, Jin, Corina, who consistently checked out on me <3

Btw, I will be updating more of my Australia life in my Youtube channel. Hopefully I will get to edit my next video as soon as possible before my class started.

So yea, stay tuned ;)


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