June Huge Hauls

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It's June Hauls :D 

Where I show you guys what I have bought in the month of June.
I don't think that I will be spending on beauty stuff here at Mel, because everything here is EXPENSIVE ! So before I flew here, I always find the opportunity to go shopping :P

So, let's get started :)

1. Elianto nail polish 

Have been in love with this kind of nude color <3

Elianto has been one of the cheapest nail polish that I can get in Malaysia.
So when I found out that they have these beautiful colors, I told my sister that I have to get it!
 Like right now :D

2. Typo

Last month, Typo was having a huge sales to celebrate Hari Raya. So, it's a must not to miss the chance to go there ! They have a lot of things selling at 30% off and even half price ! Which is damn good la :) I wanted to buy a nice notebook there, but the one that I wanted is not having any discount, so I ended up buying this pouch only :)

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo

The weather in Melbourne is super cold, so I don't really want to wash my hair everyday. 
So, how to make my hair look fresh and clean all the time ? Don't worry, I have batiste :D 
It's one of the popular dry shampoo you can get in Malaysia. It's hard to find it in the real store.
But you can definitely find it in 11street :D Their service is damn good and fast !

4. Big Bad Wolf

I always make sure that I go to Big Bad Wolf every year. To get some cheap and nice books :D 
Fictions now are so expensive that it costs me Rm30++ for one ! 
In Big Bad Wolf, I only spend Rm8-10 for one :D 
I have read the 2 books on the left, and the book "Chosen" is so nice <3 

5. Burt's Bee Lip balm

Lip balm ! No one can even live without lip balm in winter ! 
I have been finding a good lip balm, because I don't really use it in Malaysia. When I was having trouble to decide which to buy, my friend's word came in "Buy Burt's bee! It's good"
So, here I bought it, it smells soo good and moisture. No regret buying it <3 

6. Masks

Facial mask is also a MUST for woman ! No matter where you're living <3
It helps to moisture our skin and makes us look younger :D 

I have bought all different kind of face mask, from moisture, clear, and whitening.
One of the mask that I can't wait to use is the Mamonde one, because you can't get it in Malaysia and I have seen quite a lot of beauty guru recommended it ! So I asked my friend, who just came back from Korea, to sell them to me <3

7. Missha Magic Cushion [Line edition]

BB cushion ! My first ever bb cushion goes to Missha line ! 
It's so cute and I can use it as my sunblock, cause it is having SPF50++++! 
I choose line bear one instead of the other one, because it has more coverage.
So this magic cushion is like 3 in 1 cushion, having coverage, bb cream and sunblock, all in one pack :D

So yea, that's all I bought in June  :)
Hope you guys enjoy it and I will see you guys soon.


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