Friends for life

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To my friends ...

Friends for life time are hard to find. True friends are even harder to find.

I believe that all of us have a lot of Hi Bye friends in our life. We always change our friends when we change to another stage of life. Like I used to change my friends every year when I was in primary school. I don't have a fixed best friend, as I always change my so called "best friend" every year, when I change to a new surrounding or new class.

When I was in secondary school. I changed. I started to have a fixed best friend, Jin. :D
Until now, she's still my best friend :) I don't really know how to define the word "best friend".
But... We have known each other for more than 7 years, and we are still close.
So I think she's my best friend :)

I also have quite a number of friends who I have known for a long time (even longer than Jin) and still in touch. But I think I am not that close to them, compared to Jin.
I made them my Good Friends xD.

I also have a bunch of friends who I only knew for a few years ! And like super close to them (See each other mostly everyday in school) :D I made them my YOLO gang ! I am really glad that they happened to be in my life and I hope that they're going to be with me forever and ever xD

I consider myself not a good friend, who can last a relationship. Like I don't take the initiative to start a conversation with a friend. I only find them when I need them?  xP
So I really appreciate those who find me first :)

Your other half might leave you, but TRUE friends will never leave you behind.

Before I came to Mel, these people came out just to meet and reunite with me. Some are having their exams, some are having their assignment, and some are busy studying. But they made time for me ! Even though I told them that I am leaving for 5 months, but they still insist on going out, before I leave xD They really make my day and my heart warm.

Even at here! They don't forget me. They still find me and ask what I have been doing, whether I am good or no at here :) We don't talk to each other everyday, but when we talk, the conversation goes none stop :D

I feel like I am a lucky person, surrounded by good people (unlike drama) .

All thanks to them, who made my life even better.


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