May Favourites 2016: Music talk

by - 11:39 PM

Should be studying right now. But I cant help sharing this post here. 
Final is coming real soon, in less than 5 days. 

I actually bought a lot of things in May and I wanted to post a Huge May Hauls here. 
But it seems like it will take up most of my time. So I decided to delay that post first.

Oh yea, since exams is here, I also stopped watching drama. 
The other reason I stopped watching drama is that I haven't find any nice drama yet.
So no favourite drama for this month :/

So what I am going to share in my May Favorite? 

Song <3 

I have been loving the electronic kind of song lately :D 

It help to smooth my emotions and also make me feel good. 

You know my favorite melody is always those sad songs right?
Listening to those songs don't really inspire me or encouraging. Still, I love those songs,
because it means that there's someone feeling the same way like me <3 

Okay, one of the songs that I want to share here is 

1. Alan Walker - Faded 

Before this song got real famous, I already know this song.

I actually found their original song from the NCS, named Fade. 
Alan Walker's song is quite inspiring and I really love how the song is presented. 
If you still remember, I actually used one of Alan Walker's song in my video :)

2. Chainsmokers - Inside Out

Always enjoy the part where they don't sing (the part from 1.16 <3)
I didn't really go and listen the lyrics until my friend pointed it out. 
She told me that the lyric is meaningful. And I agree with her. 

3.  Flume - Never be Like You 

I don't know whether it's only me or what. I found this song quite sexy. 
The rhythm is so nice and I am imagining myself dancing Jazz dance in my head xD.
Maybe I watched too much people dancing using this song. 
Sharing one my favourite dance group ;)

4. Middle 

DJ snake, another talented producer <3 
His song is song nice. I really love how the song is played with those beats :D 
I think that being a DJ is a very cool job ! 
Maybe it can be one of my alternate job ? :P JK

So, that's all for this post.
Hope you guys enjoy it :)


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