Sister is starting a youtube channel !

by - 4:04 AM

Hi, bunnies ~

Today, I am going to share some videos.

What videos are they?

They're actually my sister's videos :D

She recorded the footages of her life (only the exciting parts) for record.

It's quite normal for people to record their life into a video. Some people recorded them using words like me and some just recorded them into a videos.

So, these are some of her videos :)

To tell you the truth, only those who know us/in the video will enjoy watching at it.
You might get bored watching at it because you might not interested in our life. :)

CNY 2016 Ep1

CNY Annual dinner Ep2

Eat everywhere Ep3 

Cousin's birthday Ep4 

I am quite proud of her, as she learnt all the technic by herself, without anyone teaching. 
As she's not studying mass communication, she have to put effort in making those videos and try to make them look interesting. 

But, I believe that one day, all the hard work will pay off. 
Im not saying that she's wishing to become popular like Bubz or AndyMetSonia, those popular vloggers, but those videos will help us to remember all the beautiful moments that we once had. Those memories are priceless and it will remind us that we've a wonderful life  <3 


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