Last week of Semester 3

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What it's already week 12? 

OMG But I am not ready for SWOT week and exams >.<

I had my last day of school on Thursday, and it ended quite well. 
As I had a lot of fun with my friends, whose birthday is on that day! 
So after my class, I went to find an empty room for the little surprise.
The surprise is a success, and I am glad that she enjoyed her day, just like me :)
Later on, we went to Sushi Zanmai at Pyramid for dinner and llao llao for dessert <3 

On my last week of semester 3 (aka Year2 semester 1), nothing went abnormal, it's just another normal school day for me. Go to class, have lunch with a bunch of friends, and go home. Without any of my conscious, the day has came and it's time to say bye-bye to my "friends" and lecturers, who I only talk in that semester.  

It's weird how they became my "Hi-Bye" friends so quickly, while we're still so closed to each other last semester. It is very hard to have a close friends who you will keep on contact, no matter what course/ university you're studying. It's like a routine for me every semester: school starts, makes new friends, study together, school ends, bye-bye, and make new friends again when school starts.

So, I really appreciate those who take the effort on making the friendship last longer, cause I am not good in lasting a friendship. Like I can't simply start a conversation with my friends, even when I want to. I just don't know what to say. So, I am really thankful for those who find a topic and start the conversation first, to avoid the awkwardness.

I am not that kind of person will randomly say hi to my friends in whatsapp and ask what they've gone through, how's their life and stuff.
I will only start a conversation with them when I need help o.o 

If you ask me "Are you ready for the next semester?" 

A big NO for you :/

I am already not ready for exams, how am I supposed to be ready for next semester? 
Even though I am quite excited that I will be going to study at another country next semester la. 

Studying is always not my cup of tea. I don't enjoy studying, but I enjoy knowing those knowledge.
 You know what I mean? Like I don't like to memorize thing, I prefer understanding more. 
But studying is like memorizing the whole syllabus, and vomit all you've memorized and put them in the examination paper. I just can't memorize (or I should say I hate memorizing).

Well, it's kind of too late to say I hate what I am studying now. 
Maybe not hate, but not enjoy? Looking at my sister's work, playing with Adobe and art, I kind of regret what I am studying now. But, Business is what I have chosen :| 
I just have to try my best to enjoy it and score well.

How's my last week of semester 3? 

Good :)


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