I want a man

by - 3:58 AM

I want a man.

I want a man who loves me 
He must love me more than I love him
He must cherish me and know my worth.

I want a man who knows me well, but not too well
He have to know what I like and don't like
And he is forgiven for not knowing what I am thinking. 

I want a man who's understandable
He must trust me and also be trustworthy 
He must give me some freedom and I will give him his.

I want a man who's responsible
He can be childish but he can't be irresponsible
He can be playful like a kid, but he must have the gut to take the consequences. 

I want a man who knows how to make me laugh
He can be a boring person who only know how to say cold jokes
but he must not make me cry.

I want a man who's free of financial burden
He can be not from a rich family but he must know how to earn money
He can be not buying me expensive present but he must at least have the heart.

I know you might think that this PERFECT person doesn't exist in the world
But who knows? 
He might just standing somewhere nearby and finding a nice timing to appear in front of me.

Regardless of all the characteristics, it doesn't really define a person.
What if there's this person exist, but he's actually a rapist ? LOL

Fake might be real and Real might be fake.

All I really want is the one who truly loves me and will take the responsible to take care of me, without leaving me alone no matter what happened. And that's how I define love. <3


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