April Favourites 2016

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April has been always my favourite month. Not because I love the number 4,
 but because I was born in April ! 

In the month of April, a lot of thing happened. 
I always wanted to have daily vlog, but I always don't make it.
 Maybe I am still not used to talking infront of the camera. 
But I did consistently updated my dayre and blog, which I feel very happy d :)

Oh well, now let's see what I've been loving in my favourite month :)

1. Makeup

Benefit Shy Beam

Tried all the products in this Pore-fesional kit, and I found that my favourite product of all is the Benefit Shy Beam <3 It's actually a liquid highlighter, that will make my nose bridge and cheekbone higher, creating a western look <3 I also tried to put it under my dark circle, and it works ! Maybe better than my concealer xD. 

From the color of the product, it might not look as light as I though it is a highlighter. But after I applying the product on my skin, it has the magical effect that make my skin 10x lighter :o. When I first used it, I actually put quite a lot, and it make my nose bridge like 10x brighter than my skin tone. I feel like I've over contouring my nose and make me look hilarious xD 

2. Song 

Weibird Wei- Think of you first

This song is so nice <3 I've been listening to this song for a few day (few times per day) and I am still not bored about it yet ! I don't know why this song has the ability to let me feel heartache.
I am listening to this song while typing this post now.

第一個想到你, 沒有任何原因.....

hmm... not sure who I am thinking right now, maybe it's just my imaginary :/

But, this song is actually not saying about relationship.
This song is actually inspired by William (Weibird) who is dependence on smartphone.
He said that people nowadays are very dependence on smartphone, that the first thing they woke up is to check their phone, which shows they can't live without it.

I didn't think that the lyrics was so meaningful until I listen to the song closely and read the description. Hope you guys enjoy listening to this song, like me <3

3. Food 

Image from Vatalia website 

This cereal is really nice <3 I am actually not a big fan of cereal. I always add yogurt/ milk to enhance the taste of cereal. But with this, I do not need to add any extra flavour to it. 
It's tasty, crunchy and delicious itself, as it's already sweetened with brown sugar. 

I've tried both cranberry flavour, and apple&hazelnut flavour. And I still prefer this cranberry one, even thought the apple&hazelnut flavour is similarly tasty. I always like to munch something when I am studying or doing work. Eating this make me feels like I am eating something healthy and non fattening xD That's why I really love this, where I can finish one box within a few days :P

4. Drama 

Healer <3 

Omg omg Ji Chang Wook is damn handsome and cool <3 Maybe better than Song Jong Ki xD
In the midst of works and assignment, I still got to watch this drama, makes me feel very blessed. At that period, the most exciting of the day is always after I done what I've to do. Because I always make myself to finish my work first before I watch drama <3 And Ji Chang Wook has became one of my motivation to finish my work earlier :D

Chang-Wook is acted as a guy names Jung-hoo, an illegal night errand guy with the code name Healer. He is always equipped with wearable smart gadgets and he is always running at the rooftop, accomplishing task with his fighting skills, which make him super attractive la <3

So, one day, one of his client asked him to go check out a girl, named Yong-Shin. While he is following the girl around, he slowly fall in love with her and he also found something related him.
One the journey to discover the truth and resolve the mystery from the past, they will have to deal with the conflict TRUTH vs FATE. Quite an interesting story :)

So that's all for my April Favourites.
Hope you guys enjoy reading :) Bye ~


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