10 things that my mom did in a cafe that embarrassed me

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This evening, I brought my mom to a cafe that is newly opened at our housing area.
My mom did a lot of things that embarrassed me. I think that it will be an interesting topic 
about my mom, I decided to share it out here. So, here goes the story. 

1. The first thing she asked the receptionist was not "what do you recommend/ what's your best seller" when she wanted to order a cup of coffee. Instead, the first thing that she asked the girl who takes our order was "is there any promotion going on?"

2.  Then she later found a jar of biscuits that writes "try me", and she asked the lady at the counter "is this free?".  ~ Aunty is being aunty xD. ~

3. After ordering our drinks, we found a place to sit. Then she asked "why it takes them so long to make a cup of coffee?  Where I only take a few seconds to make a cup of kopi-O" after a few minutes. *be patient mom* ;)

4. When the drink is served. She straight away stirred the coffee, without enjoying the coffee art/ the scent of coffee. Okay, maybe that's totally fine. But the way she stirred the coffee, so hard that she thought there's condensed milk underneath. *my mom is too cute* ^.^

5. After having a sip of the coffee, she popped out a sentence. "why is the coffee so bitter ?". She even asked me whether they have condensed milk/ sugar, so that she can add some of them inside. But mom, that's latte ! The most not bitter coffee xD

6. She also complaint that the coffee is not hot enough. *asian being asian* who likes to eat/drink super hot food/drink. The coffee is not suppose to be too hot la.

7. Then, she complaint that the complementary biscuit is too small ~ She asked me to see whether she can asked for more FREE biscuits ! *no way mom!* o.o

8. Later on, she muttered to herself that she should bring her bread/biscuit to the cafe. *mom, I can hear you ~ and the answer is still a NO !" :P

9. She finished her cup of latte and complementary biscuit in less than 5 minutes and wanted to leave the place. *mom, you should enjoy your there and chill la~*

10. Before she leave, she said " aiyo, the food here is so expensive. I rather stay at home and enjoy my kopi-O and biscuit that cost me less than rm10" xD 

My cappuccino, sister's pot of tea and mom's latte <3

Even though my mom did so many things that embarrassed me. I still love her <3 
A lot :3 Happy mother's day, my super woman. 


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