What is it like studying alone in the cafe

by - 7:29 AM

I don't really like to study in the library because it's TOO quiet.
And I always fall asleep like nobody cares xP
So, I always prefer studying at home, than in the library.

But... study at home, I always find other things to do.
Like I always procrastinate, I always go to the fridge, and do other stuff, besides studying.
But still, I love studying at home, because I feel most comfortable at home.
I can sit in any position that I like, I can have endless snacks when I'm studying.
Even though my house doesn't have aircond and I sometimes suffer from the hot weather.

So studying in the cafe is a whole new experience for me. (What I've done for the past 19 years ? xD)
I've been wanting to try it out, since the younger generations always go to the cafe and study.
So, let me tell you what's it like studying in a cafe.

1. I feel awkward xD

I always feel awkward. I don't know why :P I keep feel that there's someone watching me and I can't really concentrate xD But, the awkwardness didn't last long. I slowly get used to it and everything just feel alright to me. They're just strangers passing by. :)

2. You'll be surrounded by the caffeine aroma 

Coffee. If you love coffee, then I see the reason why you always go there. To buy the "coffee air" :D People go there not only to study, but also to drink coffee. I always enjoy drinking coffee, because  I love the coffee smell, even though I don't always buy.

3. You will feel relax 

Studying at a place, where there's stress free always help you to study better. I always feel stress when I study in the library, because everyone is so hardworking ! Like it's wrong to rest for awhile after studying for a few hours. Everyone looks like they've no time to rest :|

4. To stay awake 

Some people will be awake for the whole night if they drink coffee. But, not me. I still can sleep after drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine has no big impact on me :) If you're sleepy, and you want to stay awake, try drinking coffee.

5. You'll get inspired

I always get to find inspiration, when I do work in a new environment. Like I actually didn't think of writing this post, but the idea just popped out and here I'm writing the post, besides doing my assignment xD 

So that's all for this post. Hope you guys enjoy reading.
 I'll be off and continue my work ;)


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