No longer a P license driver ?

by - 11:59 PM

Yay ~ I've an exciting news for you guys :D 
I am actually not a P driver for a month+ d and I wanted to share this great news with you xD

P license means a probationary driving license holder is required by law to undergo a 2-years driving period, counting from the date of issue of your license. Displaying a "P" plate is only for the others to know that 'this' person just got her license and the license holder have to be observed.

There's a whole list of rules that new drivers must pay attention during the period.
Like they can't involve in any car accident, or not their point will be deducted. If the accident is a serious one, JPJ have the right to take away their driving license and etc.

A lot of people don't believe me that I am already not a P license driver because I look petite and young :P. Recently, I went to photostat book with my friend. And the aunty even said that I look like a secondary school KID. :3 Erm okay ~ haha thanks for complimenting me young xD

My friends also got shocked when I told them that I just renewed my driving license xD
They're like you sure bo? Hey ! People, my driving skill is not bad one okay ! Stop judging me :P
I'm saved for the past 2 years driving  okay :P

Even though my car got a lot of scratches (mostly done by my sister), I didn't get involve in any accident okay (choi choi!). Those scratches I got are from the side bump, cause I couldn't estimate the space between the car and the bump. :| And there's one scratch that I got from school.
Yeah, I scratched someone's car in the parking lot and then I ran away o.o

Also recently, my sister got her P license ! She passed her driving test last week and the license is finally out. Still remember that I used to drive my sister to school and places that she wants to go. Now, it's her turn to fetch me around xD I think I will be passing my car to her, as the MyV is easier to drive, and also the car has more scratches o.o

I don't know about other people, but in my family, we always pass our stuff to our younger sister.
When we're small, my elder sister always give me her clothes that she can't wear anymore to me. I then will pass my clothes to my younger sister. Now, we've grown up, so we don't pass the clothes to our younger sister, but we pass the car to her.

Poor sister always have to take our old things :P
So that's all for today :) Hope you guys enjoy reading :)


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