March Favourites 2016

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March, a not so fun month LOL
Because it's a month where I started my semester after a long break.

Even though it's not a very interesting month, I still found some favourite things, some interesting quotes and drama and things to do in life. <3

So, let's get started ;)

1. Skincare 

Clarin Fluorescent Sun Block
It's an essential for me now! I won't go out to school if I didn't put on sunblock.
Nowadays, the sun is so strong that I feel that the UV light is going to make me look older ! Especially when you've reached 20. They said that when you've reached 20s, your skin begins to
age-ing. Therefore, it's a must for us to take care of our skin now, before it's too late

This fluorescent sunblock make my skin glow like bling bling, without making my skin feel oily !
I've a super dull skin tone, therefore it's really my type of thing ;D
 Besides that, it's SPF50++++, which is more than enough for us, who always face the sun.
Totally love it when I first got it. <3

2. Quote 

Quote of the month: 

Worrying doesn't stop bad things from happening, 
it only stops you from enjoying the good things that happen in your life

The past month has been quite a hard month for me. I've been thinking that I am not good enough, mid exams and stuff like that :/Even though I've tried to stop thinking about that, still,I am worrying :|

Recently, I've found out this ig account that post a lot of lessons from movies, which I found quite interesting. Like this one it says, 烦恼不能阻止坏事的发生,只会阻止你享受生活中的美好, which I totally agreed with. Now, I am learning how to take and let it go, and enjoy the good things 
that happen in my life.

3. Outfit

Really like this simple outfit of mine.

I've been taking ootd this way (learnt from Jane Chuck). Since no one is free to take photo for me at school and I can't find a wall mirror at school o.o

It's just a simple sleeveless crop top, and high waist pants with an oversized jacket at my waist. 
Totally love this kind of combination. Simple yet fashionable ;)

4. Song 

Bell Yu Tian- My little world 

I've not really listen to this song until I watched the movie "The Kid From The Big Apple".
Even though the Chinese radio has been playing this song for the past few months.

Part of the lyrics it says:
Grandparents are like the stars, not always seen but never leave 
Life is beautiful. If we believe in our dream, Whenever you go, whatever will be.

I found this song more related after watching the movie.
At first, I don't find this song inspiring, but not after I watched the movie.
Totally support Malaysia singer and Malaysia movie! ;) Especially those who have talent :D 

5. Come back, Mister

Actually wanted to say my favourite movie is Descendant of the Sun. 
But then my friend recommended this drama to me. And I totally fallen in love with it xD

My sister and I watched 10 episodes in 2 days ! Damn crazy right? 
Plus we didn't skip any part of the drama xD This drama has been playing on the same time as DOTS.
So, we always watch this drama first and then DOTS xD
Even though Rain is not as hot as Jong-Ki, but this movie is totally worth your time.

The story line is interesting and funny.
So the main actor and actress are actually uncle ! Ah-ju-shi No joke, I'm serious xD
So this Kim Young-soo is a section chief in woman apparel. He accidentally falls from the roof and his company writes his death as a suicide in order to not receive any blame.
The other ah-ju-shi is called Han-Gi-Tak, a former gangster who runs a restaurant. He gets in a car accident and is killed at the same time as Young-Soo.

Both of them arrived in the afterlife, but they feel that they must return.
They are given 2 months to return to life with a new bodies. Young-Soo came back with a handsome, young and rich man, while Gi-Tak came back with a pretty young woman.
And there go their "afterlife" stories. Go and watch the trailer if you're finding a nice drama to watch other than DOTS ! It won't disappoint you ;)

Thanks for reading :)


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