Blessed 20

by - 7:31 PM

My actually date is actually on 10th of April. 
But I received all the blesses before the actual date, on the date and also after the date.
I feel very blessed, that they put effort for making surprises for me. 

The first bless that I've received is from Jia and her boy. A Bath and Shower gel from Crabtree&Evelyn. If you followed my dayre, you must have known that I really love the smell of Iris.  I've always wanted to try Crabtree's product, but never go in the store to buy one. 
Thanks for buying this for my birthday and thanks for remembering my birthday <3

A cute photo that she made for me <3 
I'm looking forward more memories with you to come :)

Blesses from Kiehls ! Because I am a member of Kiehls, I got to enjoy birthday promotions on the week of my birthday ! I received an 20% off from my total bill and also tons of samples from them ! 
Including their best seller toner, moisturising cream, and I also got to try out their shampoo :D
I can't wait to try all of them out <3 Thank you Kiels.

Then I also received Yankee candles from my sister ! Omg, now my room will always smell good with fragrances <3 She knows that I always watch youtube videos and always wanted to have candles in my room :D How thoughtful is it. With all the candles, I have no worry that the air in my room will be boring as the plain air d :)

Lastly, the Benefit Pore-fessional kit from my Uni friends <3 They know me so well. Even though I didn't want to admit that I've big pores, I still feel grateful that they noticed me enough to know that xD Benefit product is always what I wanted to try, especially their pore-fessional primer. But it's a luxury ! The price is not cheap and I always don't have the courage to buy o.o Thank you my friends, who's so thoughtful, and buy this professional kit for me to try their products (not only one <3)

I feel blessed with all the loves that you people give me.
I'm super grateful and lucky to have you all in my life.
Thanks once again. Lov ya <3


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