Birthday dinner @ Las Vacas, Mont Kiara

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On my birthday, my parents brought me and the family to Las Vacas for dinner. 
The food was really good and I am very happy with the it la.

But the environment is a bit poor. It's outdoor, which mean that theres no aircond o.o
So, this has deducted the point for the restaurant :o

What's very different from this restaurant to other restaurant is that they don't provide pork chop, which mean that it's HALAL and their meats are all weighted. They don't have a specific price, as it varies with the weight

Selfie with sister, mom and grandma <3

Outfit of the day pinkxwhite

This is their lamb chop ( Rm14.85 per 100g ~ minimum 2 pieces)
It's really nice <3 I quite like their sauce and the meat :)

This is the Wangyu, aka the beef <3
I think this one is the Wangyu Tenderloin 7 (96.40 per 100gram)
The meat is so soft and juicy <3 Omg I love in love with their meat <3 

We also ordered beef burger. The meat is nice, but unlike the previous 2 plates of meat so juicy. 
 It's less juicy, cheaper and yet nice <3 Even though we are so full after eating so much
 we still don't feel like wasting any piece of it, even this !

The sides: Spudster (Rm20.60)
Because we don't know what's a speedster looks like and taste like, we decided to ordered this.
After tasting it, it's actually fried potato balls. It's also quite nice la, but regretted for not ordering wedges instead xD

The side: mixed salad (rm7.40)
We ordered another plate of salad because we love vegetables <3 

So that's all for this post.
It's a bit short, but I hope you guys find it helpful :)


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