The Yolo Gang

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"Eh, your uni friends very YOLO hor?", said one of my friends.

Yeah.... They are. xD

Most of our plans are super last minute one.
We always discuss about the details the day before the outing. Like always ~
I always like to have things planned out nicely, but with them, I changed :B

The most YOLO thing that we've done so far, must be the Malacca trip that we've gone few weeks ago. I've never gone outstation with my friends so last minute. When I told my parents that I am going to Malacca the night before the trip, my parents was like "Huh? Why so last minute?"

But, luckily I've good parents. LOL
Because I told them that it's going to be a one day trip. Plus Malacca is my 2nd hometown.
So my parents actually didn't say much la :)

So there goes my journey with the gang~
It's actually a small gang, which consists of 6 people.
We went to Sekeping Serendah, Ipoh, and this time we went to Malacca :D

I don't know why the group always short of 1 people ~

Throwback to 2014 xD 

Short of Wai Heng~ I think he haven't joined us when we went to Sekeping Serendah.

Throwback to 2015- groupfie with the ipoh mural art wall :)

Short of Jason ~ Why he didn't join us ah?
I forgot d. But he FFK-ed us :(

Throwback to few weeks ago ~

6 people ended up 4 people going only xD
I must say, 4 of us are the most YOLO one :P Cause we people awesome ~
We didn't even plan where to go when I reached Malacca.

It's a very chillax trip, we just go by the feel. Like when we're hungry, we just went to the restaurant that's nearby. When we're thirsty, we just went in the shop and have our dessert. When we're bored, we took selfie. When we're fed-up of the sun, we went to shopping mall ~

Didn't plan anything, but the trip still went very well ;D (Surprisingly)
I think the main reason why the trip went so well is because we people know how to enjoy ourselves. We got happy so easily and had fun of everything. Even the sun/rain can't stop us :P
Furthermore, Malacca has everything that we wanted (the food & the attractions)

#FriendshipGoal To go around Malaysia and explore every corner of this beautiful country that we lived. I am not sure when or where's our next vacation, but I am already looking forward it :)

Throwback to few days ago

This is not a trip, but an outing that we've plan. Yea, the day before the outing AGAIN xD
Damn last minute sia ~ 
Because all of us has been majoring in different thing, we only get to see each other once in a while in school. So, we thought of a resolution. To have an outing every month.

Yay~ Explore all the cafes and get bankrupt LOL :P

Because Jason keep FFK us, therefore we decided to have this #hashtag thing. 
If he FFK us next time, we're just going to keep this hashtag going and discriminate him :P 

The Yolo Gang, my uni friends :)
Thanks for being in my uni life ~

What is the most YOLO thing that you've done so far? Share with me :)


(Wondering whether I should blog about the Malacca trip or no. But I've short of photos :/)

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