Mid Semester Break

by - 11:02 PM

What? Mid Sem break after 4 weeks of classes?
My friends were like, "I thought you just started school?"

Hahaha yea. It's true that I just started school and now I am "enjoy"ing my semester break.
 We actually have 12 weeks of classes for this semester, which is like DAMN short. 

Don't know how am I able to finish all 3 thick books of mine within 12 weeks.
There're like 500-700 pages :/ How am I going to cope with it ? 

My friends and I actually wanted to go Penang for a 2 days 1 night trip during semester break.
But it looks like we've to change our plan.

Thanks to all our beloved lecturers and tutors, who give us so much work ! 
It's no longer like a break, but a SWOT week (Revision week) x|

I have to spend my whole week preparing for the test/quiz and assignment, which are due next week.
But I guess I won't have enough time though. Even if you give me one more week to study.
Because I won't spend my WHOLE day reading ! I might go crazy >.<
And I like to procrastinate >.<

They said that the second year of uni life is the most difficult year, compared with first and last year.
If you can handle your second year well, you don't have to worry about your last year d :O
But what if ...(haiz don't want to think about what if le>.<)

I always envy those people who got good result. I seriously don't understand how can they have such packed schedule ? They work/study from morning to night and they even have social life.
I don't think that they're human lor 0.0

I think the first one is me :|
(I think I should cut down my social life :(-- stop scrolling insta, fb and youtube videos)

I've tried to write a resume for my intern this year, but then I found that I don't have any achievement or working experience at all. I do work part time job, but they're irrelevant to the job that I want to intern. Oh my, what should I do? Suddenly think that I've been living so lifeless.

Oh well :\

I am just going to do my best, even though I know that I far away from my dream result.

Always give your best. Failures can be painful, but regrets will haunt you for life.

2nd Year of my Uni Life ... Jia You ! 


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