I Am Not Good Enough

by - 8:24 AM

I am not good enough. 
I am not good at everything. 


I never give up on myself easily. 
After all the pains, mistakes and failure, I still encourage myself to think positive,
and stand up again to face the challenges. 

I might not be good enough for you. But every time, I try my best. 
Because I want the best of me.

Everyone has their pros and cons. I might not good at language.
I might not good at studying, and design as well.
But I might be good at cooking xD (Hahahaa even I'm not convinced)

I am blur, I tend to forget things easily, but I am optimistic :)
I know that everything will go well.
But don't think that optimistic people won't upset.
They just don't upset easily and get healed faster than others.

Even though I've coutless flaws, I don't think that I'm useless. Don't ever think that you're useless. Unless you never try to improve yourself and just keep blaming God is unfair for not giving you any talent. You might just have not found your talent yet (comforting/patting myself that's it's okay to not cover my talent yet)

You might unconsciously buried your own talent. You might be good at something, but you have no confidence in yourself. Confidence is the key! So you doubt about yourself that you're actually not that good. Then you will think that you've no talent at all. 

But do you know that a lot of people still do mistake every day? Even things that you do everyday! Even you've walked for your lifetime, you might still fall down. Even you've eaten so many meals or drank so many water, you might still get choked.

Making mistake is not scary. The scariest part is when you don't dare to face it,
or stand up to learn from your mistakes.

We are humans, humans make mistakes.
So forget about the past and move on!

Think positive / talk to you family and friends (those who you trust) / write a diary (like me) if you're not good at expressing yourself / listen to music. It'll help to heal your (my ) broken soul.

When you think you're not good enough, you've got to put more effort than everyone else.
Oh yea and think positive ^.^ That's what I always do.

Thanks for reading :)


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