First Week Of Uni

by - 2:40 AM

My first week of uni has gone ? OMG
How did it happen? 

The first thing I remember was driving in the car to go to school.
And the last thing I remember was driving back from the school xD 

I can't really remember what I've don't during that week. 
Except driving and chit chat with my friends. 
Did the lecturer taught anything yet? 

Erm probably yes. But what did they teach?
I don't know :O 

First week of school after a long term break is always like this. 
Don't you agree? I always get very blur on the first week of class. 
Like I don't know what to do/ bring to school. 

So, a note book and a pen are what I've brought to school for the past week. 
In case you didn't follow my dayre, you might not know what 've happened. 
So I am going to write it here, for a clearer look.
It's also easier for me when I wanted to look back my Uni Life xD

Everything went smoothly, except that I struggled to wake up early. 
And this resulted me to face the traffic jam.
I only woke up when my alarm rang the third time LOL
But luckily I am not late for class la :)

Then celebrated my friend's belated birthday at After Black.
And second round with my ex-collouege at Loud Speaker Karaoke.
Reached home around 10pm, and I almost forgot that my holidays had ended xP

Blur case happened. 

Didn't check my moodle and went for my tutorial class. 
Class was actually canceled, and I didn't know it until I reached school early in the morning :/
Slides was printed out, and I've nothing to do :3 
Friends didn't come to school because they didn't have class on Tuesday. 
What I can do is, wait the time to pass, then I can go for my next class.

Yay ! found a new friend, who's majoring the same units as me. 
It's super rare to find someone majoring in econometrics. 
I am lucky to finally find someone, who's majoring the same as me :)

The traffic is super bad ! I shouldn't wake up so late T.T

What !?
3 lectures in one day? OMG 
No time for lunch ? Kill me please~ 

Wait ...
Lecturer is not coming? 
Okay the lecturer just FFK us. 
But yay ~ I can go back earlier :D 

Blur case happened again :/

Class was canceled again and I didn't know. 
Some more I blamed my friend for not telling me and disturbed him when he's asleep. 
Omg, sorry friend ~ 

I also passed my Intercampus Exchange Program application form to the school.
Hope that they approved it fast, so that I won't have to worry so much about it  :)

No school on Friday. It's an off day ~ :D 

So there goes my first week of semester 3 

Boring right ? hahaha

Oh well, hope that next following weeks will be okay and more interesting :)


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