February Favourites 2016

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This post is going to be my February favourite !
I know that not much people are interested on what's my favourite of the month.
But I still wanted to share with you guys :)

1. Book

Still Alice 

I actually read this book on January. But I forgot to add it in, so I will just post it here :)
Alice is a professor, who diagnosed with early onset Alzemier disease. Alice memorises words she write on a blackboard and sets a series of personal questions on her phone, which she'll answer every morning. She record a video message instructing her future self to commit suicide when she no longer answer the questions.

She slowly becomes unable to give lecture and loses her job. She got lost searching for the bathroom in her own home. She can't recognise her own daughter. Eventually she also forgot that she'd recorded the video message to commit suicide. She didn't want to bring trouble to her family.
But her families love her. That's why they never give up on her. It's a very touching book :)
And that's the reason why I love it <3

The Best of Me. 

This book is practically trying to send a message about love <3 I believe that a lot of you
must have already read this book/ or even watched the movie.
The story is okay at the front. A bit boring at the middle. But interesting at the end :D
Watch the trailer if you want to know more about the story :)

Dawnson was born into a notorious backwoods criminal family with abusive father. Amanda on the other side, is a popular school girl, having a wonderful life and family. Both of them attended the same school, and began dating. But Amanda's parents didnt like Dawnson and said that Dawnson only will pull Amanda back. Dawnson knew that he can't give the life that Amanda wanted. So he broke up with her, and leave the country.

Few years later, they met each other and fell in love again. Even Dawnson knew that Amanda is a married woman with 3 children. Want to know what decision she'd made?  Nah~ I'm not going to tell you :P This book just taught me to make my own decision carefully so that I won't regret later.

I love you because you make the best of me 

3. Outfit 

My favourite outfit of the month goes to this !

I was wearing an off-shoulder crop top with a white skater skirt, paired with a black shoes, and a sling bag. I love the crop top, which is not a normal crop top T, but an off shoulder one. It allows me to show-off my collar bone xD (I got one okay :P)

I also love the simple design of the skirt, with some black strip below the skirt, that make the skirt look simple and nice. Too see the details of this outfit, click HERE :)

4. Song

閻奕格 Janice Yan [ 也可以 ] 

就算多難捨的過去 最後還是會過去
懷念的擁抱和那體温 用微笑平息

I can't really translate this sentence, but this song is unlike those inspirational songs and asked you to be strong. But it tells you that it's okay to give up, tear, greedy and capricious. It's okay to have negative thoughts. In such a helpless moment, it's okay to be yourself and to be sad.

This song actually appeared in the movie《追婚日記》, I think that the movie will be very nice, after watching the trailer. It's going to be in my movie list :D

5. Drama 

Cheese in the Trap !
It's actually came from a comic. And it's currently one of the top listed drama in 2016. 
Which explained why I watch it ! Everyone has been watching this and telling me that it's nice. 
Being a "drama queen" here, I must give some response and watch this drama right :P
Fortunately, this drama didn't let me down, and it's quite addictive.

I always wanted to know what will happen next, as they always make me curios what's going to happen next. And the director really made a good job in the end of every episodes.
Hong Seol is came from a poor family, and she's a student who does part time job. Yoo Jung is a perfect guy, with good academic and kind heart. However, Yoo Jung also seems to have a dark side with some people holding grudges against him.

Yoo Jung finds that Hong Seol is different from the other girls, who keep stick around him. This caused his interest to want to know her better, while Seol in the other hand is trying her best to avoid Yoo Jung all the time in school. Wanted to know what happen later? Watch it yourself then :P

You might not agree with some of my favourites, as we have different interest.
But I will be very happy if you tell me that you've the same favourite as me <3
Check out the series of my favourites throughout the times ~


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