CNY Annual Dinner with Colleague @ Hee Lai Ton

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The company was treating us again <3 

I know it's quite late to post this but :P 

So, the company treated us dinner for Chinese New Year.
I was damn lucky to work for the past few months, because I received so much ! 
Besides from the present that I got from my students during Christmas, the dinner that company treated for CNY, I also got to know a lot of sincere friends, and knowledge :) 

The teachers at Aman Suria outlet :) 
We gathered at the supervisor's place and get ourself ready for the event. 

If you see closely, we actually got a small little cute star at the corner of our eyes xD 
So that everyone will know that we're ONE team :)

When we reached the restaurant, there's already very crowded. 
I didn't know that Teacher Yap had expanded until so big  :O 

Of course it's just part of the teachers. 
There's more than 10 tables of teachers in the room ! 
Can you imagine how many people was there?

Okay, finally everyone's here.
There's short of people in the first 2 photos if you've noticed :)
All the teachers are very in this outlet. The oldest is only 24/25 years old, 
and she's already managing the outlet and earning big money !

After everyone reached, the founder of Teacher Yap had some talk infront of the stage. 
I don't really listen to what she'd said, because I can't wait for the food d. :P

I keep refilling my tea, and waiting when she's going to stop her speech and serve the food xD
Luckily, the speech didn't last long and our first food is this :

Lao Shang ! 
I really love their Lao Shang and their raw salmon <3 
But we wasted quite a lot when we're Lao-ing :| 
(check the video down below !)

Sharp fin soup ! Ops sorry shark :/ 
I know we're not supposed to eat your fin because you're getting extinct. :/

Just after we finished out soup, the next dish is up on the table :D
It's roasted chicken ! It's very delicious and the skin is so crispy <3
I guiltily eat 1 piece of the skin and stopped myself from eating another one xP 
Urghh, when you're on your diet and you can't eat more fattening food :(

Steamed fish :D 
This is also very nice. I really love their food. 
Like almost all of the food.

Except this :P
Cause I don't eat mushroom ! So the only thing that I ate was the broccoli xD

They also provided rice for those of us who's not full enough. 
But we barely touch this dish, cause we're already very full after eating so much xD 

Dessert ! The Pao is nice, but the pudding pao ? taste weird :/
We only took one/two from the plate. Cause everyone saw our miserable face, 
and didn't want to try it.

After food, it's selfie time ! 

With Ah Ling, the one who always fight with me xD 
I am closest with her. (Before my sister came in)

With Mabel, the tallest of all at the outlet. 
I always wish that she can give me some of her height xD 


With Cyndy, the one who hardly get angry.I'm really impressed by her soft temper. 
She didn't get angry or get frustrated at the students before 0.0

With Peggy, the one who uncharged of Aman Suria outlet.
She's very stern when she's teaching, but easy going people when she's not teaching. 

With my beloved sista !

The quote :

Teamwork makes the dream work :)

My sexy back

And the front :)

Spreading Love <3 to the world  ;)

Watch the video that my sister made :) 

Thanks for reading !


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