Bestie's Birthday Celebration

by - 4:40 AM

I remember that I promised her something.
To give her a surprise next year on her birthday :D
I failed the surprise last year, and I tried again this year.

Happy Birthday ! Jin <3 #0303
Here you go, your personal hashtag xD

Want to know how I surprised her?

Okay, the plan was:

I invited some of our friends out personally (not in the group chat) and told them that I wanted to celebrate her birthday. So, of course know not to say anything in front of her.
Then, we went to a cafe 30minutes earlier and informed her sister to fetch her out.

Of course, I also told her sister about the plan. And her family didn't say anything. (So good cooperation :D ) What Jin told me is that her sister lied to her that she wanted to buy a cake. So her sister asked her to accompanied her. When they went in the cafe, Jin was surprised that we (the friends) were there xD.

At first she thought that it's just a coincidence that we're there.
But later when her sister asked her to sit down and went home without her, her face was "huh?
what had happened" xD Blur blur one

So we explained what had exactly happened xD

With the birthday girl <3

With Corina :)

With Hiew Kei ;)

I am very glad that the surprise has succeeded. And all credits to the people who has cooperated and gave in the effort ^.^ Tq ppl ~

I enjoyed the reunion as well. 
Sorry for talking bad about you when we can't make the bai nian on last time xP

All the best and I will see you guys soon :)


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