New start

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Semester 3 of my Uni life is going to start :D 
I'm quite excited though. I think it's because I have not go to school for so long and
I started to miss all my school works and friends d xD 

In this semester, I've made some revolutions for myself. 
Erm, it's kind of like a revolution of the year. But I want to make it as a revolution of the semester. 

Okay, so in this semester, I want to be braver. (My all time resolutions - LOL)
I always think that I am not brave enough. Despite I always do embarrassing things in front of everyone. It's a way for me to hide the TRUE me. I might regret on doing that at the next second, but I always pretend that everything is normal ~ :P

 A more mature me 

Yup, I want to look more mature in my and also in my character. 
People said that I am good in my own way, and I don't need to change myself in order to meet anyone's expectations. But I just want the best of me. I want to improve myself, and stop those play play (childish) attitude :| It's true that one always wanted to become more mature when one is young, and wanted to become younger when they're old.

We always think that time flies. But it slows down when I'm having class xD
Last semester, I didn't get what I wanted. Even though I've already tried my best.
Still, I believe that maybe I haven't exceed my limit.

I am going to try harder and work harder this semester.
And hopefully I am choosing the right major. As it's the year where I need to choose my major.
Hope I didn't choose wrongly and have fun with the units :)


You can do it if you believe you can !


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