January Favourites 2016

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Sorry for the late post !
 Has been busy preparing for Chinese New Year and reluctant my blog for so long. 
It's already mid of February and now only I post January Favourites.
But it's okay right? Better than never :)

1. Makeup

The Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer

I didn't know that a primer has such usage until I bought now and tried myself. I am not sure about the other primer, but this innisfree no-sebum blur primer really give me a smooth and and even skin, with some blur blur kind of feel xD Now I know why it's called blur primer :P

It blended very well in my skin and create a better skin look for my face.
It's not sticky at all, and I also apply it on my eyelids and under eyes, which will smudge my makeup.
Quite impress with the result la :) My face is no longer shiny with those oil d :D

2. Skincare

Tony Moly Floria Brightening Peeling Gel

I've stated that I really love this peeling gel in my previous, New Year Haul post right?
Yup. And I am going to show you the after effect that I've taken !

No edit or filter at all, just maybe there's some different in angle la :)
As I said in my previous post, this is a mild peeling gel, that help you to remove the dead skins on your face. I really love this as it makes my skin brighter and smoother.
(I didn't know that I've such a thick face because I didn't do this xD - the chinese joke)

3. Perfume

 Victoria Secret Body By Victoria 

My current favourite scent <3 I've been loving the scent of Bombshell, which is their bestseller.
But every nowadays, I put this Body By Victoria perfume on, and imagine that I've those sexy bodies xD Silly me ~ Hahahaa jk ~

I really like its refreshing scent, which make me smell good and refresh :)
Plus! I'm no longer having the same scent as others. Since Bombshell is their bestseller,
I believe that a lot of people out there are sharing the same scent.
Now I am the 'unique' one :p

4. Song

Bii 畢書盡  愛是妳給的溫柔 

Why no MV for this post? It's too Good! 
Theu should actually make a MV for this song :3
Bii's voice is too sexy for this song d <3 
The lyrics of this song is quite heart breaking, which is why I love it :P

One of my favourite parts: 
 是妳給的溫柔我是愛妳的石頭 . 
(Love is gentleness that you have given me. I am a stone that loves you.
Stubbornly waiting but without result, happy is too vulnerable)

Also one of my favourite song for the month. Didn't like the drama very much, but the song is on point ! Damn got feel lor ~

If you know me well, you'll surely know that love this kind of sad song. 
Yup, it's just another ost from a Taiwan drama that I've watched recently :)

5. Drama 

My favourite drama of the month goes to.... Oh My Venus !
I actually didn't plan to watch this drama, but because of my beloved sister, I started to watch this. 
All thank to you , Min ! :P

Kang Joo-Eun was an uzzlang back when she's in high school. She was famous in her school because of her pretty face and enviable body. Now, she's a lawyer with an obese body. 
She broke up with her boyfriend and even her best friend disliked her. 

Kim Young-Ho is a personal trainer, who born in a rich family. He has a weakness for being a knight in shining amor. He can't leave anyone's in need and who's in danger. Which explained how they met and why he helped her when she's lost. 

One part that I really liked about this drama is that it's quite funny. 
I like how both of the get together and the way the communicate. This drama also taught me that no thing comes easily. All of the things that happened to be yours, is because you worked hard for it :)

Thanks for reading !


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