Gangnam 88 @ Giza Mall

by - 7:19 AM

Hey there, it's another Korean restaurant food review :)
Yup, korean food again ~

This is the main entrance of the restaurant.

As you can see, a lot of "red people" came here before, so it aroused my curiosity 
what this restaurant can offer us. 

I think that the owner of this restaurant has a very clever business mind.
They know how to attract people to come and order their food. 

Just by posting those photos on the wall, and menu, just helped restaurant to grow faster.  

The restaurant is not very big, nor small.
My family and I reached there for an early dinner, and that's why the place is not filled of people yet. 
I love how they on the TV there, playing those famous korean song/ OST  that I love. <3  

We wanted to eat something simple, and not so heavy because we just had barbecue at Palsaik few days ago. So this Jeongol (aka korean stew- Rm33.50) is one of the best choice for us. 
I really love their soup, as it's really sweet and tasty <3 

But one thing I don't like is that they didn't give refill for the soup!
I thought everything can be refill though T.T

We also ordered Rabokki ( korean food that made of teokbokki and ramyum- Rm49).
Yum Yum <3 I love teokbokki !

We added cheese for this dish, but it turned out that I didn't find any cheese in it.
We asked the waitress about it, and he said that it's already added inside :O 
What!? That invisible cheese cost us Rm5 ? I feel cheated :(

Okay, it's my mistake to think that every thing can be refilled.
It's only the side dishes can be refilled ! 
But luckily they have variety of side dishes and they're all refillable <3 
I am a big fan of things that are free xD 

Not sure why is this egg happened to be on the table :/ 
But I love steamed egg <3 

Maybe it's part of the side dishes? (nope, not going to happen)
Part of the main dish that we ordered? Hmm maybe ..

With mama Lim ;) 
(dislike the lightning there :/

Yup, this filter is better :P

So overall, I feel that this restaurant is not that bad, except that cheated cheese ~
But I still don't get it why so many people came here :3 

Because a lot of "red people" came before ? 
Or because of the "artists" there? 


This restaurant is not easy to be noticed, and what I can tell is that it's at second floor 
of the corner lot, just beside Caring Pharmacy :)

Thanks for reading :)


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