CNY Bai Nian 2016 !

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Peeka :D how's you guys doing ? 

CNY just ended and I don't want to end xP 

I feel like most of my February posts are mostly about CNY. And today, I am still going to talk about CNY xD It's like a never ending topic LOL

Check out my CNY Outfits 2016 if you haven't ;)

This year's Bai Nian is so different form the past years. Why?
Because I have more than 1 bai nian gang ! You know, as you grow older, you'll get so many gangs of friends, like primary school friend gang, secondary gang, college gang and etc.

What's tragic/funny thing is, I am not reuniting with my usual bai nian gang. :/
Well, I feel a little disappointed as they seem like they don't put any effort in the reunion.
Our group chat is like DEAD :( Okay maybe not a little bit, but a lot of disappointment).
(OMG I feel like I am an old aunty keep complaint about this 0.0)

My first bai nian with friends was on Chor 6. 
I was very happy that we can get along so well, even though we just know each other like 3months. 
Thank you Peggy, who invited me to your house for steamboat dinner. 

They came to my house to gamble first and I was damn Ong, even without my red panty LOL xD
What I want to say is that Peggy is being very generous to give me her money. 
(Or maybe she's not Ong at my house ? Luckily we didn't gamble mahjung at her house :P)
I won Rm20+ for myself and she lost almost Rm100 just in an hour xP

My second bai nian group is my Ipoh trip gang (aka uni gang)
We didn't take any photos on that day, which mean that we enjoyed our day! 
No one even remember that we haven't taken any group photo yet xD. 

I really love this gang of people because they're so chillax and no stress xD
We didn't plan anything for the bai nian and we just go by feel ~ 
I am actually the kind of people like to go by plan. Like I like to plan everything out before I do things. But they're the kind of people who doesn't like to follow the plan (or don't like to plan?) :P
But I think I've slowly accepted who they're and became one of them d. 

My Last bai nian group of the year ! 
Just before Chinese New Year ended  ^.^

I'm really glad that all of them can make it, as they're really busy !
We haven't seen each other for almost 2 years, after we got our SPM cert. It has been a long time. 
I'm super grateful that they made the effort to meet each other, even after their works. 
One just came back from work (part time student), one just came back from class, and one just rejected his family dinner just to make this reunion work <3 

Thank you all of you ! You guys are so awesome :D 


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