Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf @ Tropicana City Mall

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It's food review again ! :D

As I mentioned in my previous post, I said that I am going to treat my family dinner as
 new-year dinner. So I did what I promised. I brought them to Three Little Pigs and the Big
Bad Wolf for dinner and I am glad that they enjoyed the food :)

I think that they've changed their menu name, as I can't find those creative dish name that I found
in the net, like The Wolf's Favourite and I Am So Hungry That I Can Eat A Wolf!, etc.
But I think that they didn't change the food la, just the name :)

We're lucky that we went there on the 1st of January to enjoy the Christmas menu, which is Rm88
 for starter, mains and dessert. I think that there's still some promotions on,
you can go to their website and check :)

Starter: Wild Mushroom Soup (Rm15)

It's mushroom soup, drizzled with truffle oil on top of the soup and served with some
 garlic breads. I won't say that it's the best mushroom soup that I've drank or the
crispiest garlic bread that I've eaten.

Because I personally don't like to drink mushroom soup, so I'm not the most appropriate person
to judge it. But the onion bread is super hard :O Not crispy at all. Maybe it's meant to
 be dipped in the soup. That's why they made it so hard :3

Burger: Mighty Piggy Burger (Rm30)

It comes with a juicy pork patty, cheese, eggs, served with salads and chips. 
Their pork patty is really juicy and yummy. I really love this one and the salad :D 
But not the egg (I don't eat egg that's not fully cooked, so it's my problem :P ) 

Main: The Big Bad Ribs (Rm85)

The ribs are seasoned in St Louis Style sauce, and grill until tender. This is one of their big plater, 
as you can see in the photo, and served with chips and salad. The salad is more to a sour taste 
to wash off the greasiness of eating too much of meat, which turns out to be quite matching :)

Main: Just Another Pork Steak (Rm41)

Yup, it's just another pork steak xD With different sauce (of course).
It's very juicy and delicious. Like there's no one thing that I don't like there.
I love all their meats, salads and even chips <3 If you want me to say one, the price then xP

Spagetti: Cheese Pork Lasagna (Rm28)

This is LOVE ! For those who REALLY like cheese, yes you ! You should order this. They're 
not stingy at giving the cheese <3 It might be a little bit greasy and bored after eating too much, 
but I really love cheese. Which I think that it's worth the price. Cheese is getting 
more expensive nowadays and some cafe give so little cheese that 
I thought that they've not enough cheese  :P 

Did I mentioned that I used the Worthy Book Voucher  for the dinner?
I got free food by using the voucher, which is absolutely a great deal for me!
I saved Rm20+ for the meal though. Even though it's not much, but by saving that Rm20+,
 I got to buy another cup of drink for myself ! Or maybe a light meal :P


It's a fried caramel chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. 
It's really sweet, and we keep guessing what's inside the fried thingy. 
It turned out to be caramel, if we didn't guess wrong xD 

It's a complimentary meal that we got as I used the voucher. I didn't expect the dessert to be like this, for FREE. I thought that it's be like some brownie/ biscuit, with ice cream on top of it xD 
So, I am very happy with the dessert :) Low expectation, high outcome !

Overall, I am satisfied with their food and service :)

Fortunately, I have chosen the right place to treat my families, as they seem to enjoy the food and 
the environment there, which also represent a good start of the year ! :D 

Hope you guys enjoy reading it :) 
And I'll see you guys in my next post ! 


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