Shabu Ten Buffet @ One Utama

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I sometimes quite like my job. Sometimes.....
Like today! The company treated us Christmas dinner at Shabu Ten. 

After work, we went to One Utama for Christmas shopping. 
Before that, some of us was already starving. So, we decided to go and have some
 dinner before we went to buy christmas present for each other. 

I didn't expect that the company will treat us dinner at first. 
I thought that we have to use our own money and I was praying not to goto restaurant that are too expensive. Especially when they stopped outside Shabu Ten. 

In my inner heart, I was like "Oh Gosh! Are we eating buffet? How much is it per person? 0.0"
Then Peggy said "Hmm this look good. Do you guys want to eat at here?"

When I was struggling whether to tell them that I didn't bring much money,
the others agreed to eat at here :O I was like :/ Okay fine~ 
I was tensioned all the way inside the restaurant until Peggy said the the company will be
 treating us. I then only got relieve, like "Phiuh.... Luckily xD"

In my opinion, I think that there's not much choices there, as a buffet, especially the price for a person is not cheap. I've gone to a better buffet restaurant, which has more choices and almost the same price as this. So, I don't really like the place. 

The soup of the steamboat is quite nice, especially the broth. I love that.
But their Tomyam soup is quite spicy. Therefore, I don't really prefer that.
It's more like spicy soup than Tomyam soup, so if you like spicy you can consider that :)
I don't taste any sour taste, maybe it's way too spicy for me.

The steamboat ingredients are small in portion. But the good part is that we can keep ordering.
So, it's not a problem. It's just that we have to keep taking the food from the conveyor.
But this can prevent people from over taking and wastage. 
So, it's understandable. 

The best part of the buffet? 

It's that I can keep ordering meat for shabu. 
They have sirloin, lamb, pork, and pork belly. Because I am not very fond to seafood, and I think that their prawn is not that fresh (Maybe I don't know how to eat). 

And ya, the another problem is that we have to keep asking the waiters to clean the plates.
 But it's just a small one :) 

The sushi and salad. 

The salad is quite nice, and I love it.
I am quite disappointed that they don't have sashimi  :( One of my favourite Japanese dish. 
But they've already stated that it's a Shabu, so the salmon sushi is not the main la.
So, it's still acceptable that they don't have salmon everyday? 

We also got some corn, edamame and steamed egg. 
I like their steamed egg <3 Very soft and nice. 

They also got some agemono, which I don't really like, because I am not a big fan of fried food. 
But my colleagues like it. So, it depends on one individual :)

The chocolate fountain ! 

I was very disappointed about this. I was very excited to see this at the restaurant and
 when I took a bite of the marshmallow, my heart sinks :( 
The chocolate taste like dilute-sugar chocolate ! 
Maybe I was expecting too much, and that's why I was so disappointed. 

They also have variety flavours of jelly, which taste exactly like jelly. LOL

Best part of the meal ! I love Macha ice cream <3 
It's so delicious. I feel like eating second cone after one :P
Unfortunately, I was too full after eating so much xD 

Photo after the meal <3 (Ignore the messy table and focus on our beautiful face :P)

Thanks for the treat Teacher Yap ! 
I was really grateful to be part of the members :) 

(Photo taken from  Facebook )

Feel quite disappointed that some of the food/dessert/drink are not available there.
It's like the feeling of cheated by someone :/ 
But overall, it's still okay la, just some disappointment. Luckily the company is treating us. :P                       

So, that's all for today 
All of the above are my opinion and experience, no offence. :)

Hope you guys enjoy reading !


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