Palsaik Korean BBQ @ Giza Mall

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There's so many korean BBQ in Malaysia, and you might think that it's gonna just like another BBQ restaurant that you have gone right? 

No ! 

You're wrong ! It's not like those korean BBQ restaurant that we've been, because it have 8 flavours of barbecue available ! Which is an absolutely a great deal. 

I've never tried so many flavours of pork in a  korean BBQ. I mean, normally we only got to try different kind of meat, seasoned in the same way.

But in Palsaik Korean BBQ, you got to try all 8 flavours, including Ginseng, Wine, Pine leaves, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste, and Hot. 

I personally like the Herb and Miso paste one. But the others also taste very delicious ! 
So, I actually got a hard time, choosing which one is my favourite :P 

I can't really taste the wine flavour one, as I think the alcohol is too low.
That's the only flavour that I personally didn't like, because I can't really taste the red wine. 
Just to mention, I am not a alcoholic, maybe I expect too much for it d :3

My dad said that when red wine met heat, the taste will eventually go lighter. So, that explains that the red wine one doesn't taste like red wine? Oh I don't know. 

In my opinion, it's better to taste the meat, without adding anything with it. 
So that you can really taste all the flavours, with nothing interrupt, just the meat in your month
 (no adding vege/ garlic/ sauce/ kimchi). 

The seafood soup ! 

It's a bit spicy, and it's really a seafood soup! There's some prawns, crabmeat, and shell in the soup. 
Despite not much, the soup tastes really nice. <3 
What I can say is that, it tastes perfect with the cheese rice.

Not full after the barbecue and seafood soup? 

Add some CHEESE rice, to satisfy your stomach ! It's one of the best seller there, and this was recommended by the waitress there. Even though it's a bit pricy (Rm18 for that bowl of rice and cheese), it's really delicious <3 No regret ordering that. NOPE :P

*It tastes nicer than the picture !

Nom Nom Nom Nom.....

The cheese rice is what I can die for xP

We ordered the premium set one, which is Rm158. 
It's actually set for 3-4 persons, but if you have small appetite like my families, 
you can consider that for 5 persons. 


Selfie with @shermeenlim

Posting with my favourite cheese rice <3
I look like a doll in this picture xD (with those big eyes and red cheek. Hahahah~)

The beloved couples <3

The happy family <3

Last but not least, I would recommend my friends to try it one day, as it's one of my favourite korean BBQ restaurant, where you can have all 8 flavours of barbecue at one place. :D 
Totally worth a try ;)

Oh yeah, I also made a short blog for this too <3 
Hope you guys enjoy watching :)


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