My experience with Worthy Book FnB Edition 15/16

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Hi people out there !

How was your first day of 2016?

In the second day of 2016, I am going to share something that you guys might not want to miss out.
As you guys know, I mentioned that I wanted to treat my families a dinner on the first day of 2016, to represent a good start, in my previous post.

So, I did what I promised !
 I brought them to a restaurant and we had so much fun, enjoy the food there :D

As a student, I can't really afford things that are too expensive, like buying presents for each of my family member or bring them to a high class restaurant for fine dining.
Even though I worked for a few months, and got some pay from my part-time work.

You think to yourself, are you willing to spend half of you salary for your family?
Okay maybe some of you are willing ~ But not me xP
I worked so hard, of course hope that I can spend my money on things that I want.

Therefore, treating family a meal, is always my choice to appreciate them.
If there's any promotion or discount for the restaurant that we're going, then lagi best la :D

You know, eating at Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf is not cheap, so if got voucher then why not? Believe me or no, it actually helps me to save a lot.
 I can use the money that I've saved to buy another thing that I want.
Want to know how I got the voucher and achieve a win win situation? Continue read......

Now, I am going to share something that's worth for you to purchase.
The Worthy Book !

There's actually 2 editions of Worthy Book, which are Food&Beverage Edition and Ladies Edition.

Me, as a food lover, of course will choose the Food & Beverage Edition,
even though I wanted both xP

In this book, you can use 180 vouchers at more than 100 malls in Malaysia !
It features 44 restaurants and F&B franchise, including cafe, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Local, Thai, or even Organic/Green food are available.
Now, I can enjoy more food, with discounted price :D

I was damn excited when I got the book and can't really decide where to bring my family for dinner.
There's so many restaurants/ cafe to choose , all the deals are so attractive.
I have a hard time on deciding which one to go first.

More deals?

Besides that, they even have Foodpanda online food delivery voucher!
I can buy food using online and ask them to deliver to my school / house.

You know, after eating the food in my school for so many times, I am already got bored of it.
So, it's completely a great deal for me and my friends to order food delivery, with discount voucher.

What to do after class ? or on a weekend ?

Jio your friends out la !

There's more than 10 cafes/desserts for you to choose, to hang out with your friends :D
Including A Pie Thing, Dal Komm, Komugi, Madame Waffle, Mr Siew Bao, Blackballs, Gelatomio, Lecka Lecka, Juice works, etc.

It's really worth for those who love food. And if you think that you can't use all the vouchers, you can share some of the vouchers with your friends. Sharing is caring ma :)

Btw, the F&B Edition is available at all major bookstore and 7-11 outlets in KL and Selangor.
So if you really like food, you can consider to purchase it ;)
Trust me, you can eventually get back your Rm29.90 or even more, from using the vouchers !

For more info

Have a nice day !


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