Broga Hill | vlog

by - 2:17 AM

Hey sup people :D 

I am here with another vlog :D 

It's a very good opportunity to climb the mountain and watched the beautiful 
scenery and sunrise <3 

Despite we have to wake up 4 o'clock in the morning, we still enjoy ourselves throughout the hike. 
I am not sure about my parents, but we, the youngsters are :D 

It's more challenging when we're reaching the top because the road become steeper and there's rocks  blocking our way. So we have to hold the string and pull ourself up. It's harder for those who have short legs like u xP But we just did it :D

The air is so refreshing and nice <3
I really love the place :)

Watch the video below to see what happened during the journey!
I appreciate all your the views. :)

Thank you in advanced for those who view my blogs and videos :)


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