Working as a teacher

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Working as a teacher is totally a different story working as a promoter.
As a teacher, you are responsible to teach every kids students, who came here, and make sure that they got something (knowledge) back. The fees that they pay are not cheap though.
So, it's definitely not a relax daycare kind of job, for me to play around with the kids.
I have to make their parents, think that it's worth the price.

Unlike being a promoter, I can't walk around the shopping mall(centre),
when there's no customers(kids). I can't walk around the market to try out the other products or chit chat with other promoters there. I can't even use my phone, except when break
(I actually have no free time to play my phone and my phone is kept in the locker).

The only same thing working as a promoter and a teacher, is that you'll get to know a bunch of new people :D

Now, let's talk about what I hate the most, working as a teacher, at the centre.
One thing is that when the student is a slow-learner. (Besides working half day on Saturday)
Well, I can't blame them that they're a slow-learner right?
Okay, maybe I should change my sentence.

What I hate the most, being a teacher, is when the student is not serious at all !
I have some trouble students, who didn't have the "heart" to study, and it's really tiring to
 teach this kind of students. They're like they thought that they came here, just to play with the other kids and not being serious at all. Urh~ Damn frustrated when they keep touch here, touch there, the eyes swing here, swing there.

What can I do when I met this kind of students? Just keep repeat "sit down", "don't move", "Concentrate!" & etc :/ We can't really scold them. Cause what if they cry ? :O
The youngest student there is only 3 years old! And some are 4-5 yo, most of them are 6-8yo.

But hor, there is some unique students, who keep laughing, even when I "scold" him/her.
Is that my problem or theirs? I am blur ...

It's not a boring job though, because there's always students in every session.
Unlike working in Tesco, morning that time sure don't have people one, and I'll get bored to die.
It is not an easy job as I said, because it sometimes get super busy. I will be rushing teaching 10+ students in 1.5 hours. That's tiring ! Especially when you didn't get enough sleep the other night.

The best part of the job is that I met really cute students
 (even though there's some that will make me vomit blood) 
But they're really sweet.

My favourite students of all. I think that she looks like my sister when she's small :P

This student, who is named Sky, he is english educated and studying in SK. So he didn't know how to read simple words like papa, mama, jiejie and stuff. I feel so proud, after teaching him so many words and he's no longer a banana (not a 100% banana) XD 

There is also one cute student, who called me Jie Jie. My sister also called me jie jie but I feel so different when a kid called me Jie Jie, instead of my name or lao shi. He is damn cute and smart la. 

I also like a student, who's called Hayden. He is a Malay. I didn't know that at first, because his skin tone is not very dark, until I saw her mother. He is very smart also, and he looks like one of my friends, with the long eye lashes, big eyes, with the ang mo feel <3

Recently, I got a really cute brothers, as my students. Both of them didn't even know how to speak basic mandarin like basic introduction of themselves. Of course, they also didn't know what is 貓 (cat), 狗 (dog), 蘋果(apple), 紅色(red), 跑(run), 坐(sit), and stuff like that. Therefore, the teaching method is completely different. I will show him the pictures animals, fruits, colours, to strive their interest in Mandarin. Now, they can recognise some of the animals and fruits! I am already feel happy of that, cause they're from 0% knowledge of Mandarin to maybe 2% !

Well, I actually have a lot of favourite students. And it's hard to introduce all of them here.
Overall, the job was okay. It's just that I might need to some to get used to their teaching method in the beginning. It's actually not a bad job, I think. Cause I got to sit down on my chair every minutes XD Unlike being a promoter, I don't need to stand for the whole day and smile like a joker :P

I am glad to know all of them :)


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