Winter Solstice

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In the day of 22 December of 2015, it's a festival we called winter solstice. 

According to the the western, winter solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. While in the Chinese ancient legend, there's different story about winter solstice, and that's where dumpling appear.

Me, as a Chinese, of course believe the story that is made by the Chinese. LOL
There's one said that the winter solstice has the same position as the Chinese New Year (冬至大如年), which mean that the winter solstice is as important as CNY. Some people really see winter solstice as an important festival, and celebrate winter solstice grander than CNY.

There's also one said that no matter how old you are, you have to eat the exactly number of dumpling. 
This is because after the winter solstice, it'll be a new year, and you'll be one year older.
And this helps people to remember how old they are. (If you know what I mean)

If you're 50years old, that's mean you have to eat 50 dumplings? Silly right? xD

This year, I had my most dumplings throughout the past few years.
Because I have eaten 4 bowls of dumplings and I am still craving for it :P

I had my first bowl before 22nd Dec. Mom made it with yuba bali (腐竹薏米) and I really love the combination <3 I had my second bowl after finished one :P

Then, I had my third bowl at the tuition centre! Thank you Peggy for bringing it to us :D
The ginger soup is quite spicy, but still bearable. (forgot to take the picture)
Her mother made it herself and it's so colourful and pretty.
Regretted that I didn't take a photo of it :/

Had my 4th bowl on Christmas Eve, because sister said she wants to eat dumpling XD
So we went to JayaGrocer and bought 2 packs of it.
 One is with black sesame flavour and one is peanut flavour <3

I think that I have eaten 19 dumplings this year, or maybe more.
After so long ~ I finally got to eat so many dumplings in one year !

I still remember that I only eat a few balls of dumpling last year, because grandma thought that we don't like to eat and she only made some :/ Now, she knew that I love dumpling and she even remember it ! I am so touched and felt so loved <3

Hope that it's not too late to blog about winter solstice :P


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