What to eat at Imbi Market

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Food at pasar? Can eat one meh? No one is going to read this post one la~ 

But !

It's not the normal market that our mothers go. This market is not popular at their fresh seafood or vegetables or chicken. But, its popular at their food ! 

There's always some stalls selling food at the market, and I don't really eat the food there, except for this one. Got any interest ? If no, then sorry bye bye la, you can close this tab d :P

To those who are still interested, please continue scroll down :)

Few days ago, dad brought us here to have our breakfast, and I actually don't feel like going, because my first impression of having meal at the market is very unhygiene and not tasty.

Surprisingly, I ate quite a lot :D
Now, let me tell you what's worth to try :)

1. Toast 

Their butter & kaya toast is really popular and tasty. If stay a good look at the others tables, you will notice that almost every table ordered it. It took us awhile for the toast to be served, but it's worth :D 

2. Kopi- cham

Feeling a bit thirsty after eating the toast? Don't worry, they also come with the kopi-cham! People always come here to drink their cham (a mixture of coffee and tea), which turns out incredibly nice. 

3. Chee Cheong Fun

To tell the truth, I don't really like the sweet paste of chee cheong fun, but this is exception !
I always like to eat chee cheong fun with curry, because I don't like the sweet taste. 
BUT this one has totally changed my mind, because the paste is totally different from what we have eaten normally. And my mom keep claims that the sauce has the old days kind of taste.

4. Curry mee & Chicken noodle 

I like their curry, as it's not the kind of curry that's very spicy. 
So, I ended up quite enjoy myself, eating almost the whole bowl of noodle :P

The chicken noodle is very tasty and the meat is really soft! 
Not sure what they have put to make the noodle so nice :P

6. Popiah

The popiah is just beside the Che Cheong Fun stall, and there'll be people lining up to buy. 
So, it's kind of easy to find the stall. With the crispy bits, and juicy jicama (bangkuang), it makes the pohpiah tastier. :D 

7. Ginger-wine noodle

The portion of this bowl of noodle is quite big. So, I recommend to share it among your friends if you want to try the foods that I have mentioned above. The Chinese believe that ginger can reduce the bloadness and wind, so it's what the mothers made for their daughters when they're pregnant.

It's not very spicy and it has the old days taste, which I personally really like ! 

8. Egg tart 

Finding something sweet after your meal? 

Try the egg tart ! They're freshly made and they even have other flavours, like kaya and charcoal crust. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try their charcoal-flavoured egg tart because it's sold out :( 

The have really crispy crust and soft inner, which explain the queue. I lined up for more than 15minutes just to buy the tart xD But it's worth though 

So, that's all for the post
Thanks for reading ! Have a nice day ahead !


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