The end of 2015

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I would say that the year 2015 is not my luckiest year or worst year throughout the 19years of my life. But I am grateful that in this year, I met a lot of good people, and also bad people, who thought me a lot of things, who made me a better person. 

To make 2016 a better year, I decided to make a good start for it. 
That's where I decided to treat my family a dinner. Since I have already worked for 1+ months,
 I had some income of my own. I think that I should do some action to appreciate
the effort that they have done to me in the past year.

(Photo taken on the CNY)

I think I have grown up a lot. Kinda ~ Even though I can't tell you how exactly I have grown or changed. In only 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365days really happened a lot of things.
Luckily I captured all the memories and recorded it here.
A lot of my "first time" happened in 2015.

My first time doing a makeup. My friend said that I am already an expert. LOL
Still far from it okay :P But I think I improved a lot la. Even my sister said that I didn't look weird with my makeup :D Yay ! It actually encouraged me to improve myself to become a prettier person, so that I can impress myself in front of the mirror or camera. I think that I looked quite different when I have my makeup on. But who doesn't ? :D

And then my first time going to a trip without parents ! I am looking forward this kind of trip d<3
It's quite adventurous to go oversea with those who are only few years older than you.
I always go oversea with my parents and a big gang of people. This was my first time, leaving my parents so far with only 3 cousins of mine, in a country that we have a barrel in language!

My last selfie, before I cut my hair short ! It's actually not my first time cutting my hair short.
But I think that it's the shortest hair I got after so many years. Well, I actually didn't take a lot of courages to cut my hair because I was fed up of it. And I kinda miss it now :/
It's weird that we always don't appreciate things that we got, but envy on other's people things.

Also, my first time going to Ipoh with them. We always have a short getaway together after exams. Last year, we went to Sekeping Serendah, and this year we went to Ipoh.
Ipoh is really a nice place to have a go with your friends. :)

My first time attending a convocation, despite it's not mine.
Do you have the feeling of loving and hating someone at the same time?
 The feeling is complicated, but I have. The feeling got stronger toward my family. I love them not because they're my family, but also because they're those who know me the best, and will always be with me no matter what I have done. <3

Had my first memorable Christmas with them. I would like to say working as a teacher is not the funniest job, despite it looks like I enjoyed a lot and was having fun. :P No job is fun.
 But it'll become interesting if you like your job and that's all about how you think about it.

Lastly, I want to thank my friend who supported me throughput the year. I think I can't live without them though. Like I am so blur and stuff. I always go to the wrong class, and they even can remember my class schedule, and I can't remember mine :P Such a shame >.< But I am quite fortunate that I met this gang of people, who always encourage me for doing things that I like. Thanks people :)

They said that if one's friendship have been up to 7 years, it'll become a lifetime friendship.
Our friendship has already comes to 7 years and I am glad that I know you. I have always wanted to have a lifetime bestie, and I even thought of contacting my primary school friend! Glad that you're doing well in your school and hope to hear you soon, my friend. May out friendship stays long. :)

(Looks like I was walking toward the door of a better life :P)

I am looking forward the year 2016 and more things that I have not done before, wanna break more my first time, but then of course, in a good way la ;)

Last but not least, I pray a better year for everyone of us.

Ps. There's too many photos/ memories that I wanted to post here,
but it'll make this post a very long post.

So I am here going to put my last full stop to end this post.


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