Sister's Graduation

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Sister is finally graduated ! 

She actually graduated on the mid of July. But her school only hold graduation on November. 
 She went a lot of places with her friends, she went to Boracay, she went to Penang, she went to Bangkok and she is still not ready for a permanent work yet. 

Do you believe that something bad will happen when good things keep happening? 
I believe though. Sometimes, I feel quite uncomfortable when something good keep happening to me.
I feel like my luckiness is going to finish, and bad luck is not far away. 
So, like I said, she enjoyed her holidays quite a lot, until something happened just the day before her convocation. I am quite glad that nothing worse happened, and she's all well now. 

Sister's graduation somehow reminds me that I am no longer the small kid, who always play around, who always go to tuition after school, and she is now grown up. 

It also reminds me that I will be graduating soon. But this time, it's not the small convocation that will hold in my kindergarden. It is also didn't represent another start of my study life. Instead, it will bring a whole lot different to my life. I wouldn't be studying or stressing about assignment and test. 

But, I will be working the rest of my life, and it somehow scared me already. The thoughts of deciding my life myself, and the responsibility that I will be taking. I don't want to grow up XP
 The outside world is too scary !

(Loving the candid shot that my sister took for me <3)

Well, parents actually were inside the hall, attending the ceremony. 
Grandma, my younger sister and I were waiting outside the hall, because we didn't want to spend the extra money just to go inside and listen to the boring speeches :P

I am actually a lot closer to my younger sister, because we sleep together. LOL 
And she's more gentle. I always fight with my elder sister, and I don't know why. 
Maybe we're the kind of person, who are more aggressive? We don't want to lose and want to win. 
What she got, I also want to get. :/

More shots that my younger sister took for me. #ootd

Well, at least I am happy that she's finally graduated and all the best Jie ;)

Last but not least, the video of the day. Just a very short one :)
Hope you guys enjoy it.

Thanks for reading ! 


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