November Favourites 2015

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Few more days later, something exciting is going to happen !
Yup, you're right! It's Christmas. 
Who's excited for Christmas ? At least I am ;)

November was an interesting for me, as so many things happened just in one month, 30 days.
It has been a busy month, and so for December, since I started working already.
I have filled myself with all the works and I somehow neglected my blog and Dayre XP #sorry

But, I didn't want to break off what I have created 2 months ago. So, here I am continue blogging my November favourites :) 

1. Outfit

My favourite outfit of the month goes to..... the image below ! 
Loving the skort so much, that I can't live without it :P (exaggerating)
But, I really like to wear the skort.

It is so easy to match, that it can match with almost every kind of top, every kind of style.
From swag, to casual, from semi formal to cute. You can also match it with a sexy top!
Every girl's wardrobe must have at least one skort, like this. 
It a multi-matcing pants ! I would say. It's so nice yet fashionable <3 

(Photo from Pinterest)

2. Song 

I am actually not a big fan of f(x). But when I first heard this song, it is like a BAM ! 
I love this ! Then I tell myself, I am going to post this song in my monthly favourite !
It's not a VERY famous song, like Taeyon's I, or PSY's daddy. But, it's really a nice song. 

There's 5 people for this group at first, but then I am not sure what had happened, the group left only 4 people. I believe that this MV is related to the member, who had left the group. 
Read the video's comment if you want to know more :)

3. Drama

Drama of the month is: She was pretty ! 
As I mentioned in my Dayre, if you didn't know this drama, you're outdated d :P
I have spent around a week to finish the 20episodes. Okay la, it's not my shortest record to finish a drama. But! If I can finish a drama within a week, that's mean it's really a good drama or I am super free. LOL.

So basically, it's a romantic comedy about two past acquaintances who met again after they lost connection. Hye-Jin was a pretty girl came from a rich family, but later she lost her beauty after experiencing hardship. Sung-Joon was a fat boy, grow up as a handsome successful editor. 
When both of them decided to meet again, Hye-Jin was ashamed of herself, as she's no longer the pretty girl, so she asked her best friend to replace her. 

Things however goes complicated, as he mistreated her for her clumsy nature, and not knowing that she's actually her childhood friend. Want to know more? Watch it yourself :P

4. Book

Have been reading this book recently. It's actually a series, and I didn't know that at first because I bought it at the Big Bad Wolf. Yup! I actually bought a lot of book there.
Actually I wanted to post it as my December Favourites since I haven't finished reading this.
But it's love at first sight first chapter. No wonder my sister said that I will love this book la.
And I have a something better more suitable for December :P

It's all about a normal girl's, who is actually not a normal teenager, life.
Susannah had a special gift from the God, but she doesn't like it. Even though it helps her to
have longer time to be with her father, it still brings a lot of trouble to her.
Know what gift that she got? The "third eye", which can see the death.

After moving house to stay with her stepfather and stepbrothers, her life changed and she's had her first "dead" friend. She doesn't like to talk with the death, as everyone will thought that she's a psycho, but Jessie is the exception. Well, I didn't know how the story will end, but I might write it on my Dayre after I finished the book ;)

That's all for the post :)
Thanks for reading!


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