Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

by - 5:44 AM

Finally ! 

I am here blogging about the korean spicy noodle challenge that I have done with my sisters. 
Due to my lack of experience, it took me quite awhile to edit this video. 
I have shorten/fasten my 17minutes video to a 7minutes video :P
(Ps. I didn't cut any of the part in the middle)

This is our first time doing this kind of challenge/video and we're quite excited. The noodle is really spicy and I would like to say that don't try it if you can't eat spicy food. I mean don't simply try it la, because it's not good for your health and your stomach.

I half swallow half chew the noodle throughout the video. I thought that I won't finish the whole bowl, but I made it. I am quite shocked that I finished the whole thing though.

The after effect was really terrible. I got headache after eating the whole bowl of noodle and it's NOT fun at all ! My lips were swollen and I had diarrhoea the next day. I feel so sick that I feel like vomiting the whole thing that I have eaten (no exaggeration).

So, think carefully before you do something :)

Btw, this might not be the best video or what, but I put a lot of effort in making this video.
I really appreciate it if you watched the whole video. :)
(Sorry for the bad quality, it's taken using Iphone6)

Try not to miss anything in this video,
because you might lose the chance that will make you laugh :P
(ps. it's the real ugly side of me, without any exaggerating)

Hope you guys enjoy it :)


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