Christmas 2015 !

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Ho Ho Ho~ Merry Christmas peeps :D 

This year, I had a wonderful memory for Christmas, unlike the past years.
My family, didn't really celebrate Christmas; we don't have candles on our table as decorations; we don't have a christmas tree (we actually got, but it died:/); we don't eat turkey; we don't exchange present; we don't carol; it's just another public holiday for us. 

Sometimes, I wanted to celebrate Christmas like those Western families, or like my friends. 
Do things that people will normally do in Christmas, like decorate the christmas tree, exchange gifts, have a warm and romantic candlelight dinner. Normally, the only festivals that we celebrate on December are Winter Solstices and my aunt's birthday. 

This year, finally something is different. We still celebrate Winter Solstices, and cousin's birthday. But my bucket list for Christmas is finally achieved ! Except I didn't get to eat turkey in romantic atmosphere with my families, surrounding with the fragrance of candles. Maybe next time :P

I finally got the chance to decorate a Christmas tree! Even though it's not mine :P
I enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree though. Maybe it's because it's my first time and it's quite fresh for a first-timer. Not sure whether I will be this excited to decorate the christmas tree next time.

The presents that I received this year <3 Some of the presents I got, are from my student and one is the exchange present that I got from the teacher. We had an early Christmas party after work and I was so excited the day to come !

Notice that lollipop at the corner? I actually got that from a Santa! Erm, it's actually I "buih kien siao"(not ashamed of) took from the people. The person distributed sweet at TropicanaCity Mall, and I happened to be there, so I asked for the sweet :P

Peggy, who's in charged of the tuition centre.

This photo is quite blur, but it's okay!

This photo was taken after we exchanged present, and we're actually holding the present that we exchanged with the teachers. :D

(Ps. don't really like the quality of the photos. It's either very yellowish to blur :/)
I still believe on the Apple's quality :P

The one, who I am closest to at the tuition centre. Not sure, whether it's because we're the youngest one there, or because we went to the same primary school before. And surprisingly, we didn't even meet each other, before working here ! I believe that faith brings us together after so many years :)

My group ! I am so proud of you guys because we got the 2nd prize ! :D 
Hope you guys enjoyed your day, just like me.

I also took some photos with some of my favourite students that I have/haven't mentioned in my other post :D Now, let me introduce all of them (You can skipped this part to the end if you want :P).

Jaysen! One of my favourite students <3
I think I had a crush on him! He is so adorable and smart :D

Chin Yee, a talkative girl :P 
She always have stories to share with me when she saw me <3

Isaac Tan. The reason I liked him is because he's cute XD
Don't you think that he's cute? <3

Lucas ! I sometimes called him Luca, Lucus, and other funny name :D 
He is nice to "bullied" :P

Ern Hui. One of the present that I received from <3 
Thanks for the gift ! She's damn sweet ;)

Jannelle ! She is cuter when she doesn't throw tantrum. <3
She sometimes got frustrated when she can't remember the things that I thought her. 
And I kind of don't like that attitude, but understood that feeling at the same time. 

Jaden ! A banana, who won't speak mandarin only when I asked him to. XD 
He's damn cute when he speaks Mandarin, because all the pronunciation will go all the other ways, which is funnily creative :P

Cherrelle, another sweet girl ! <3
 Who's name has the same pronunciation as me ! :D
I sometimes get confused when people called Cheryl.
 Because I am not sure which Cheryl they're referring. 

One again, Merry Christmas people !! :D

The kids enjoyed a lot and I hope that you guys have a wonderful Christmas this year !


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