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I know that you might be wondering, why am I still writing about my Bangkok trip,
and thought that I have written all. Yeah, I have written places that I have went and food that I have eaten. That's why it's a post Bangkok post !

Don't worry. This is going to be my last Bangkok post for the trip, which is about my hauls and outfits ;) After this, I will be blogging some random stuffs.
Or maybe another vacation post? (hopefully :D)

I have gone to Big C Supermarket on my 4th day to spend my left over money, as I won't be going to shop tomorrow (more food hunt).

Big C supercenter is like their Tesco/Giant in Bangkok, which provides everything that you need.
It's located just opposite the Central World.
I have spent around 900 baht there, and the below are some of the must buy food.

1. Salty Pocky (56.5 baht)
2. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed Roll- 2 rolls in one pack (20baht each)
3. Triple M seaweed (58 baht each)
4. Lays - original flavour, family pack (88baht)
5. Banana Pocky (58 baht each)
6. Pretz - Tom yam flavor ( 51 baht)
7. Kok Kae Peanut (65baht each)
8. Sour cream Lays- small pack (38baht)
9. Bento squid (18.50 baht)

(Not in the picture)
10. Tom Yam paste- small pack (18baht)
11. Mama Tom Yam instant noodle - 6 packs (65baht)

Besides that, I also bought Thai herbal balm, which can be used for bruise, mosquito bite, flu, and others.

1. Back pack (@Chatuchak for 150baht)
2. Man's backpack (340baht)
3. Feather-printed romper (@Chatuchak for 150baht)
4. Simple white dress (@Platunam for 100baht)
5. Black Dress (@Rod Fai market for 150baht)
6. Naraya classic small handbag & clutch (@Central World for 290baht)
7. BKK original bag (@Chatuchak for 200baht)
8. BOY crop top (@Platunam for 100baht)
9.  Simple white top (@Platunam for 110baht)
10. Crop top (@Platunam for 70baht)
      Black Bralet-below the photo (@Platunam for 150baht)
11. Shorts (@Platunam for 130baht each)
12. Sport/ casual shorts (@Platunam for 80baht each)
13. Loafers (forgot to put it in- @Platunam for 150baht)

So, basically I have bought most of my hauls at the market, as the clothes are super cheap, with the quality which is not bad (the colour didn't go off when I wash). Even though the quality is bad, it is okay to throw it away after wearing one time :P

Now, it's the OUTFITS !


Leggings - @lovefashioncloset 
Cap - Taobao
Shades - present from sister 

Day 2 - @Chatuchak market

Flora romper - Eyes shop
Sandals - H&M
Bag - Jonker street, Malacca

Day3 - The ONLY 'full' body outfit that I got >.<

Feather-printed romper - Bangkok
Backpack - Bangkok


Black dress - Bangkok
Backpack - Bangkok
Sandals - H&M


BOY crop top - Bangkok
Leggings - @lovefashioncloset
Shoes - Nike
Backpack - Bangkok
Cap - Taobao

I feel that this trip, is not the most interesting/fun trip that I have gone, but it is one of the interesting country that I will go again :D Cant wait for another vacation ^.^

Thanks for reading <3


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