November babies

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November is a birthday month ! Most of my friends and relatives are born in this month. 
Happy birthday my friends and also those who're born in this month!
Besides wishing you guys a happy birthday, I also want to thank the mothers, who work so hard
just to give the best out of the best to their children (I know that 9months of pregnancy is not easy).

Saw this in Facebook and I think that it's very funny XD 
No wonder I have so many friends born in November la ! 

4 Nov is my "brother's" birthday XD *cough cough* If you're reading, smile la ~ Don't get it so serious kay ;) Once again, happy birthday Ling Ling! Hope all the best to you and I am so glad that you're my friend. We have been in the same school for 7 years, and I just got to know you 2 years ago. (Luckily, I didn't miss the chance to know you after 5years).

You are one of the unique girl that I know, and you're always yourself, regardless what people say about you. You're always a good listener, and you're always the one who will entertain/corporate with me, when I did something silly. Happy Birthday my friend ! Hope that this cheesy message didn't freak you out XD

Yours sincerely, 

10 Nov ~ My best friend's boyfie, who is also my friend's birthday ;). Happy birthday Quan! Still remember that we have celebrated your birthday at Souled-Out Restaurant last year. This is my second time celebrating your birthday with you and I actually hope to join your following birthdays ;) I am glad that you enjoyed that night. 

This year, we have went to Morganfield to celebrate your birthday, because your beloved girlfriend said that you like to eat meat XD This made me envy ! You know why? Because you still look so thin and tall ! And stop saying that Shi Kei is fat okay, it's you too thin. Btw, all the best in your studies, and good luck in Australia next year ;)

12 Nov, my pretty cousin sister's birthday. I feel so old d >.< It's like we're just kids playing hide and seek, running around the house, and I always go to your house after class. I didn't realise that the time flies so fast that you're already 21. I know that it will be my turn soon, but I don't feel like turning 21 leh. Two more years later, my skin will be losing elastic and I will be coming out to work already :O It sounds scary already. 

I know that you will be having test real soon, and will have intern on January. Good luck, my dear ;)
Even though you're not going to read it, I will still support you here! Mentally :D

13 Nov, a very cute friend of mine is born in this day :D Thanks for being my friend Jia! I am glad that my mom is your mom's friend, and the fate made us to be friends. We're not like SUPER best friend, but it's worth for me to wake up so early in the morning just to give you a birthday surprise ;)

Luckily, the surprise was a succeed, and our effort was paid off (kind of). You still look pretty in your pyjamas and I don't mind seeing your sleeping face lor, as I have seen it before :P Hope all the best to you too and stay sweet with your man kay ;)

17 Nov, it's my favourite person, my family, and also my companion's birthday :D Who is this special person? She's the one, who loved me so much that she gave me what she had ! Yeap, that's right ! She's my mom. Actually I wanted to write a letter to you, but it's going to be too cheesy that I decided not to write one XP I know that you'll be keeping them like your treasures, like those cards that we have given you when we're small. I found that the older I got, the harder for me express myself well. Sorry for always making you angry, mom. I don't mean it :/ And

Happy birthday mom :) Love you~

It's also my cousin's and uncle's birthday! They have celebrated almost every year together on the same day, 17th of November. It's quite incredible that 3 different people, born on 3 different years, from 3 different families, can meet together and having the same birthday day.

The youngest goes to my cousin, who's only 15years old. Good luck in your PT3 Ching ;)
My uncle, is 30 years old older than my cousin. He's a Singaporean, and he always make sure that the three of them, will be celebrating birthdays together. Last year, they celebrated their birthdays in Malacca, and this year in PJ. He would rather drive a more than 3hours car, just to come to Malaysia and reunite with us. Like Always.
Mommy, the oldest one (will not be revealing her age here :P). Even though you're an old woman, who like to nag, you're still the woman that I love the most !

Happy birthday people ;)


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  1. WOW! So many people's birthday in one month aka broke month hahahah XD