My First Year Uni Life

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Reading back my previous posts, I realised that I have not blogged about my uni life at all !
I have blogged about my pre-u life in MUFY, but not my uni life. 
Then I wonder.... Why?

Hmm, maybe I was too busy? Maybe there's nothing interesting to write?
Or maybe I am just lazy? Whatever the reason is,
I should post some very random post of my uni-life next year :D
And again, it's not too late to start a thing, since I still have 2 more years to go ;)

My second semester in year 1 has officially ended, since I have done all my exam papers.
If you ask me, "do you have any regrets in the past year?".
If I say no, it's just a lie.

Even though I didn't want to admit it, sadly I have a lot of regrets in the past few months. 
I regret that I didn't study harder ( as usual, I always study at the last minute).
I regret that I didn't save any money. I spent too much.
I regret that I didn't workout harder. I am still fat.
 I regret that I didn't meet more friends. I am lonely.

It's quite sad to see everyone else with their new friends, while I am still with the same gang. 
Not that I don't like to be with them. But we are going into different major.
We are no longer having the same lecture or tutor class. We have different timetable, different schedule.

Well, I am not anti-social. I do meet new friends in my class.
It's just that, I am a bit shy and I don't dare to speak out.
I wanted them to talk to me first. LOL ~
It's actually my problem right? I can't expect them to talk to me first,
and complain that I don't have friends.

Okay, it's actually a self-reflection kind of post.
I should be more optimistic, if I want to have more friends.
I should speak out first, if I don't want to eat lunch alone again.
I should save more money, so that I could spend more.
I should work harder, and leave no regrets !

Next semester, my uni life will be more interesting :)
It will get better and better. I believe.


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